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The Pressure To Own A High End Phone
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The Pressure to Own A High End Phone

Aside from the improved social status and ego boost that come from owning a high-end phone, one of the main reasons individuals purchase iPhones, Blackberries and other phones is so they can stay connected with loved ones. Well, smart phone users are jumping for joy now because Voxofon, an Over-The- Top (OTT) voice and messaging provider enables individuals to stay connected. Plus, they can do so with cheap international calls and free SMS messaging on any mobile phone!

Great News For iPhone Users But Better News for Everyone Else!

Just recently, Facebook launched its free calls to iPhone users in the United States. Facebook previously had worked out a deal with Skype allowing iPhone subscribers to link their phones with the two platforms. Unfortunately, this deal was geared to work with computers and laptops, not mobile phones. Unlike Twitter, Facebook was not making as much money when its subscribers accessed their Facebook accounts through their mobile phones. Obviously envious of the success of Twitter in terms of revenue generated through mobile e-commerce and ads, Facebook made some crucial changes.

Their recent announcement of a new feature for those who access Facebook through mobile phones is starting to create waves. Of course the dangling carrot is the free calls. Unfortunately, there are several strings attached to this deal. First of all, both iPhone users have to live in the United States and the phone have to be an iPhone on both ends. Second, the app can only be accessed through Facebook Messenger that means another layer in making those free calls. Third, the free calls can only be made where there is strong Wi-Fi or Internet connection which means there will be times when the calls cannot go through. What happens if it’s an emergency? The better news is that there are companies like Voxofon that don’t require high-end phones to qualify for the cheap phone rates and free SMS messaging.

Cheap Versus “Cheat”

Wouldn’t you rather pay cheaper rates than rely solely on Facebook and spotty Wi-Fi connections? According to a startling survey conducted by Marketing Land, a shocking 61% of Facebook subscribers in the U.S. have “taken a vacay” or a new word that is now trending as a “Facay” or vacation away from Facebook. This vacation away from Facebook isn’t just a day or two but lasts for weeks and so it puts a cloud over this new feature of Facebook. Can it bring back its subscribers? Of these vacationers, 20% have dropped Facebook altogether cited reasons like “waste of time,” “busy,” “too much drama,” and “irrelevant.”

From another angle, there is a growing sentiment against Facebook because of its constantly changing security features and the proliferation of ads. Just the other day, thousands more protested when the news broke out about the tax rebate the government will be giving to Facebook. The refund amounts to $429 million for this year alone and this does not sit well with many Americans. The total refunds runs to the billions of dollars – all because of a tax reduction clause on stock options.

The backlash is expected to affect the kind of support the company has enjoyed especially considering that Facebook earned over $1 billion in 2012, tax exempt. In fact, other social media platforms have been buzzing in anger over these tax breaks posted by subscribers who have to pay taxes and are expected to pay more this year.

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