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Three Common Features Of The Fastest VPN Services
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Three Common Features Of the Fastest VPN Services

If this is your first time signing up for a VPN service, there are probably two things on your mind: Price and Speed. As a new user of virtual private network technology it's tough to take in all these things like PPTP VPN L2TP or SSL VS IPSec, server location, IP changing, and all the other jargon that comes along with it. That's not what this article is about. As for price, well, that's pretty self explanatory. But finding the fastest VPN service for your money is a bit tough, especially when there's a lot of conflicting reviews out there. Rather than name names, I've got three common features that the fastest VPN service providers will most likely have.


Unlimited Server Switching

This is becoming a standard feature, but you shouldn't assume that all VPN services offer this. The size of server networks will range from just 3 or 4, to 40 or more, and your access to these VPN server locations may or may not be limited. One mistake I made when I signed up for my first VPN service was that I didn't pay attention to server switching capabilities. It doesn't seem that important, but when for whatever reason your Los Angeles server just won't connect and you've got to change, you'll be glad you have this feature. Sure, changing IP to different countries can be fun (to get access to geo-restricted sites), but from a practical perspective, being able to switch servers for free, and as many times as you want is a hedge against technology failure.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Again, another feature that's being phased out is the idea of a 'lite service'. Though most users won't use more than a few gigs of bandwidth per month, if you download torrents or stream movies on Netflix, it's probably just easier to get an unlimited bandwidth plan and spend the extra dollar or two per month. Most of the time, that's what the difference comes down to - $1-$2 dollars per month. Either way, an unlimited bandwidth account means not only that you won't be limited in your monthly downloads and uploads, but it also means that there will be no restrictions on how much bandwidth you can consume at one given time.


Responsive Customer Service

Though you might not think that quality customer service has anything to do with the fastest VPN services, but it does. Time after time I've seen that quality is reflected in all aspects of a VPN service. If a customer support rep takes more than 2 days to get back to me, it's almost 100% guaranteed that it's a rubbish VPN service. Not always, but the majority of the time, this is true. Furthermore, attitude counts for a lot. Compare these two situations:

1. I just started using a new VPN service and the connection is slow. I contact customer support. 3 days later, they respond telling me to check with my ISP because it probably has something to do with my local connection. I respond telling them that my ISP says there's no issues on my end. Two days later, I get another response saying that he doesn't know what the problem could be, because their network hasn't even come close to bandwidth limitations. End of Story.

2. I just started using a new VPN service and the connection is slow (yes, again). I contact customer support. Within 12 hours they respond with a list of 3 possibilities and suggestions of what I can do to maybe fix it. They send a link to their Wiki-page with troubleshooting for common problems. They then ask for more information, and say they hope they can resolve the problem within the next couple hours. In the same day I've fixed the problem.

Big difference, right?

With these three features in mind, you'll be able to choose not just a fast VPN service, but a high quality and decently priced one at that! Compare VPN services, weigh your options, and in the end, because most VPN providers have a money back guarantee, you haven't got much to lose.

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Rodders, Very informative! I like your choice of picture. Appropriate match for article. blessings, Cynthia

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Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

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Not familiar with VPN. Learning with each article!

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