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Turkish IP Address - Mac & Windows, Ios & Android
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Turkish IP Address  -  Mac & Windows, Ios & Android

Though turkey has been in the new recently for some protests against potential internet censorship laws, there's still reason to get a Turkish IP address. Like any country around the world, there are some sites that are restricted to Turkish IPs. Also, this IP location is a good way to achieve privacy on the internet.

The most obvious thing is streaming TV. I don't know much about Turkey, and even less about Turkish TV. But language specific shows are important to any culture. There's bound to be some popular dramas available on the internet, and like pretty much all of streaming TV sites in the world, they're going to be blocked outside of the country. One reason is obviously that the companies who pay per show don't want to give the whole world access. Another reason perhaps is to keeps server speeds at maximum by restricting who can access the sites.

Another thing to be considered is privacy online. Though Turkey is still a developing nation in some respects, it's a great hideout for internet users in The West. Ok, so maybe I shouldn't call it a "hide out" because of what that may mean to some readers, but the point stands that The US or UK government isn't going to be watching Turkish internet space.

The US and The UK have also been in the news recently for invasive policies regarding privacy on the internet. They want to know everything about everyone, and that doesn't jive with some avid internet users. Have you ever heard of "Anonymous". Check them out.

So if someone was looking for privacy from Big Brother in the west, using a Turkish IP would certainly get you out from under the microscope. Some might consider this going 'out of the frying pan and into the fire' because Turkey may be considering Halal Internet for the whole country. Still, they haven't done so yet, and for the time being, Turkeys unique internet space certainly does appeal to some users.

Using a VPN for your Turkish IP address is recommended. Though proxies change your IP too, there are just too many security flaws to seriously consider them. VPNs can be used on most devices, including Android, iPhone/iPad, Nokia, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Other devices like Xbox, PS3, and internet TVs may require a bit of technical expertise to get a VPN hooked up, or require you to purchase some hardware called a VPN router.

PPTP VPN is probably the most widely use VPN protocol because it's cheap and easy to install. For someone looking for more encryption and privacy though, you can use L2TP on your smartphone and OpenVPN for Mac, Linux, and Windows. These three VPNs will be offered at almost all VPN services. Some may also offer SSTP VPN which works with Win 7 and Vista.

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