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Ukrainian IP Address - Proxy Or Vpn? Android, Mac, Windows, Ios
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Ukrainian IP Address  -  Proxy Or Vpn? Android, Mac, Windows, Ios

When you connect to the internet, your internet connection device, whether it be a smartphone or computer, uses an IP address. This is like your home address - it tells websites and users where to send stuff so you can browse and download from the internet. It's possible to change your IP through proxies and VPNs. But which one should you use? This discussion is talked about quite frequently, and there is usually one conclusion. For users looking for a Ukrainian IP address, it's no different.


Most people have used a proxy at some time or another. The first time I used one was on the school computers, so I could access My Space on the computers at the library. Yeah, it was that long ago. Proxies are pretty much the same now. Crappy little websites with bad design, and slow connections. As you might be able to tell, I'm not a big fan of proxies.

You can use a Ukrainian web based proxy, or an Open Proxy server in Ukraine for proxy access to Ukrainian websites. The quality varies greatly from proxy to proxy, but I doubt that there are many professional proxy services operating from Ukraine. Most are going to be independent users operating open proxy servers.

This is the main disadvantage of proxies, no matter what the country. By using a non-professional service you're putting your data and identity at risk. It's like driving a car without a seatbelt. If you do it enough, one of these days something's bound to happen.

Another disadvantage is that only your browsing will use the Ukrainian IP address. Other software and programs will use your local IP, whatever your country happens to be.


You probably saw this coming. VPNs are much better than proxies - that is, if you want to get anything serious done on the internet. If you're conducting business with someone from Ukraine, streaming Ukrainian TV, Skyping with someone in Ukraine, or whatever it is you do online and don't want to deal with dropping connections and limited yourself to web based activity, then you can't beat a VPN.

So a VPN will solve several issues with proxies. One, they create a virtual tunnel for all of your online activity, meaning that other software and apps will also use a Ukrainian IP address. Two, VPNs are professional services, meaning that nothing is going to happen to your private data, and if something does, you know where to go and who to blame. Third, they're much more reliable - again, because of being professional services.

You can install a VPN connection on you Android phone or tablet, iPad or iPhone, as well as Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Nokia is also possible, but only on some Symbian devices, and not all VPN protocols will be available. If you're looking for fast streaming from Ukraine, then use PPTP VPN, which will work on all of the devices listed above. IF you're looking for a VPN to change your IP address for security and privacy, then L2TP on smartphones and OpenVPN on computers are the best way to go.

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