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Unblock Websites On Iphone & Ipad!
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Unblock Websites on Iphone & Ipad!

Though you can use proxies and VPNs to unblock websites on iPhone and iPad, there are different situations in which you should use each. If you've never heard of either of these online tools, read this article to find out about these amazing tools that you can use directly from your internet connecting device. If you've heard of one or both, you can still browse this article to find the advantages and disadvantages to both, as well as which one I prefer using.

Proxies come in many forms, but most people are familiar with web based proxies. These are websites with access to a mini browser that seems to magically unblock websites. It's because the data you request from the URL (so you can view the site) is bounced off of a proxy server somewhere else in the world.

This is useful for people trying to unblock websites like Facebook or other sites that are not accessible from school or work. We don't own these computers, and we probably aren't allowed to install software on them.

It's not 100% recommended to use these though because you can never really be sure who is running the proxy. You're trusting your personal data with the proxy server admin if you unblock your Facebook account. Most of the time this isn't a problem, but things do go wrong, and most people aren't aware that their passwords have been stolen until 4 months down the road! There are some reputable proxy services out there. They'll cost you though, and if you're going to pay to unblock websites, you might as well use a VPN.

This is because a VPN has much better security features. First off, VPN services are reputable businesses, that will be responsible with your personal data. This is not just some guy in his basement running a hacker hub of proxy IPs. Many VPN services are longstanding members of the online community.

Aside from practicability and security, VPN are much more reliable in terms of software and in terms of service. What I mean is that VPN will hide your real IP more successfully, meaning more sites will be unblocked (some sites actually block proxy IPs). They'll drop fewer connections, and because you're paying for the ability to connect to their virtual servers, you'll always be able to access the same server, no matter where you take your iPhone or iPad.

Another bonus is that in addition to being able to unblock websites on iPhone and iPad, you'll also be able to hide the IP of other apps and software on your devices. Proxies will only change the IP of your browser. This is great for browsing and streaming through your browser, but when it comes to games, VoIP, and non web based streaming, you need a VPN connection.

VPN services allow for access to servers from around the world. Popular locations include The US The UK, Germany, and The Netherlands, but there are also more exotic places like China, Morocco, Italy, Russia, Brazil, and just about every other country in the world.

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