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Using Usa VPN For Mobile Devices
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Research has shown that Android use has risen sharply in recent years. According to Google, more than half a million Android devices were activated in June, 2011. This figure doubled in May of the same year. The reason is simple: mobile phones have functions beyond simply placing calls and sending messages. Having an Android device is equivalent to having a mini computer that allows Internet access. Technology like the Android operating system, combined with Wi-Fi takes connectivity to greater heights.

When Internet users take steps to protect their online data, they must extend the same level of protection to their mobile phones. With a Wi-Fi connection, it is easy to track the Internet activities of unsuspecting users. Simple software like a packet analyzer can intercept and log traffic going through a network. This type of sniffer can capture, decode and analyze data streams. For Android users who would like to keep their Internet activities and communications private, there is only one solution - encryption.

A virtual private network (VPN) is designed to protect data passing through public networks. When data is transferred through the Internet, a USA VPN encrypts this first. Data is digitally coded for protection, tunneled and then de-coded once it reaches the United States VPN server. Many people who have to travel abroad for business already understand how United States VPN can be beneficial. In fact, many users subscribe to these servers for their laptops to protect their privacy when using Wi-Fi connections in airports, cafes and other unsecure locations.

When the user connects to a USA VPN while they are abroad, they are given a US IP address. This makes it appear as though they are in the US and not the actual country that they are connecting from. This enables access to American websites, despite any restrictions that may be in place. Additionally, a VPN protects Internet users from invasion of privacy, including from Internet Service Providers who seek to tailor the browsing experience. It also protects them from malicious third parties.

Because they are so handy and convenient to use, many people tend to use their Androids for Internet browsing more often than they do their laptops. Thus, the same level of protection should be extended to the Android devices as is done with portable and desktop devices. With a USA VPN, a high level of security is enabled, ensuring that the user's information is not subject to being accessed by others.

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