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Vpn Anonymous Ip Address - Vpn Protocols Vs Encryption Methods - A Beginners Guide
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Vpn Anonymous Ip Address   -   Vpn Protocols Vs Encryption Methods   -   A Beginners Guide

For a new person signing up for an anonymous IP service, there is a steep learning curve when it comes to all the tech jargon you have to get used to before you can figure out what you need to go. Not only are there new words you have to learn, there are tons of acronyms like SSL, SSH, IPSec, ISP, VPN, PPTP, IKEv2, mVPN, and L2TP are just some of the ones that you'll come across. I know, it'll make your head want to explode. I've simplified it so that everyone can understand, and you can filter out all the stuff you don't need to know about that anonymous IP address you're looking for.

VPN Protocols

You're likely to see these on VPN websites. Oh yeah, VPN stands for virtual private network, and it's the best way to get an anonymous IP address (much better than proxies). So VPNs basically have two parts, the protocol, or tunneling part, and the encryption part. For VPN protocols, some of the more common ones are PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and SSTP are basically the VPN protocols that you're going to run into most of the time.

PPTP was the first VPN protocols to be born, and is the most simply designed. It has a reputation of being the least secure, but it's faster, and more recently, they've ironed out some of the initial flaws. It is however, still the least secure of all the protocols I just listed.

L2TP is a bit of an improvement, and has added layers of security, certificates, and what not mumbo jumbo - basically its new and improved security. Both PPTP and L2TP will work on just about everything. Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS systems all come with VPN clients, which basically means they're ready to work with PPTP and L2TP so you don't have to mess with installing or setting anything up. Download, open, and you're ready to go.

OpenVPN and SSTP are more heavily encrypted. There are more security features, more keys, and more ways to block baddies from checking up on you or eavesdropping and intercepting your data. OpenVPN is third party software so you may have to do some setting up, and SSTP is Microsoft thing that only works with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. OpenVPN is a bit more versatile and will work with Mac, Linux, and Windows, so more services will offer it.

VPN encryption

You'll also see things like SSL, IPSec, and SSH. These are all methods of encryption, and they will be combined with different types of VPN protocols. Some combinations you may see are



SSTP is also an SSL based VPN, but most often you won't see it written that way, and many VPNs are featured as SSH VPNs without specifying what kind of tunneling protocol they use.

Now, I did quite a bit of research on this, and it doesn't seem that one is more secure than the other. It's been stated that there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but then users who compare then rattle off on technical things about CA certificates, groking SSH keys, Unix, and a bunch of other stuff that I didn't really get, and I doubt the average user would as well.

The point is that as far as privacy and security goes, it's pretty much the same. Unless you're doing some serious hacking or technical stuff, it's not going to matter that much, so just sign up for a VPN that suits your device (go by the recommendations at the VPN site).

For example, a good VPN combination for any smartphone would be L2TP/IPSec, and a good VPN for any computer would be OpenVPN/SSL. There, your problem of the complications regarding a VPN Anonymous IP address have been now solved in one sentence.

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