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Vpn For Spanish Ip Address - Access Tv & Websites From Spain
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Vpn for Spanish Ip Address  -  Access Tv & Websites From Spain

There are tons of Spanish speakers around the world, and not all are from Spain, of course. So why limit yourself to local sites when you can access Spanish websites and TV directly from Spain? Even if the country you're in is a Spanish speaking nation, you still won't be able to access some websites from Spain. But you can change your IP, and use a Spanish IP address to unblock these sites.


One option is to use proxies to change your IP. This will work for some users, and many are free or cheap, so they appeal to people looking for a quick fix. Maybe you need to access some kind of banking account from an international airport real quickly, and you don't want to sign up for a long term service. That's just a situation I made up, but the point stands, proxies are alright for temporary solutions.

There are some major problems with proxies though. For one, they only work with web based activity. That will work for some streaming players, but anything that has a separate desktop app won't work. Even then, many proxies are blocked from streaming sites because they're simple, and many times transparent.

Virtual Private Networks

As you might have guessed, I think VPNs are much better. The give all apps and software running on your computer or phone a Spanish IP. They solve the security and privacy problems of proxies by encrypting your data along with using "VPN tunneling", that proxies simply don't have. They provide a more reliable connection, and many times you'll be able to switch between several city and country locations within one service.

This makes VPNs ideal for most people looking for a Spanish IP address. You can use it for private websites because VPN are privacy focused software. You can use it for streaming online because they will get past country and websites firewalls. You can use them to unblock internet censorship, and hide your real, non-Spanish IP from advertisers, websites, the government, and even your local ISP. VPNs are very versatile.

Plus, you an use VPNs on most smartphones and computer operating systems. Most often, you'll see that VPNs are supported by iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Some may support Nokia phones running Symbian. Blackberry and Windows phone are currently unable to use VPNs unfortunately.

Installing the VPN is very easy. You don't need any hardware. Just choose a service you like and download the software. Installation will vary for each service, and for each device, so I can't go into exact detail, but basically just enter you password and username, and connect to a VPN server (in this case, you'll want one in Spain). Be sure that the VPN service you choose has VPN servers in Spain!

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