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Vpn Ip Changer

In the online environment, you IP address can quickly become a liability. Not only does it provide a way for people to work out your physical location, but it also means that you can get in trouble for things you didn’t even do when you were online. In fact, your IP address can even be used as a way for people to track your activity online. Personally, I feel that my IP address simply provides too much personal information and it puts me at risk. This is why I normally use a VPN IP changer, because it means that I do not have to worry anymore.

Not too long ago I read a news story that really got me thinking. It talked about how movies companies in the United States had been suing people for copyright infringement because they had downloaded copyrighted movies through torrents. Most of the movies discussed in the article were pornographic, but there were one or two well-known mainstream movies also included.

What concerned me about this was the fact that these lawsuits were done on the basis of the IP addresses of users. Now, your IP address does reveal a lot of information about you, but you cannot use an IP address to directly work out who the person is who downloaded something. This is because you often get multiple people using the same computer and hacking also occurs. In the case of these lawsuits, and other similar things, the courts simply look for the person who owns the computer that is using that IP address, and that is the person that receives the court order.

In this case, all of the people who had downloaded through a particular torrent were targeted as part of the lawsuit. Using an IP address in this way would probably not stand up in court, but none of these cases ever made it to court. Most people ended up choosing settlements instead, because they do not want their name associated with the movies that they were accused of downloading. The thing is, many of the people who were sued in these lawsuits argued that they had not downloaded the files that they had got in trouble for.

Now personally, I don’t want this type of thing to happen to me, and this is why I use a VPN IP changer. This hides my IP address behind one that the VPN provider offers, and it means that I don’t have to worry any more.

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