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What Is Ipad Used For When Playing Music?
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What is Ipad Used for When Playing Music?

Playing music on your iPad is really OK, but there is a limit when it comes to volume and other sound settings. As a result of this there are many companies specializing on making load speakers for the iPad and other iOS devices!

The most common way of connecting load speakers to the iPad is through Bluetooth and this way you can move the iPad around and still get a great sound from the speakers. Quite a few, especially amongst the bigger speakers have a direct port connection and some of these have the ability to charge the iPad while connected.

If you like small load speakers to bring with you when you´re on the go there´s a lot to choose from! JBL Micro Wireless Speaker is an alternative to take a closer look at. Despite it´s small form factor 3.25 x 3.25 and a height of only 1.56 inches and a weight of only 127.5 grams it is known for it strong bass. For speakers in this size range it performs extremely well due to its built-in bass port! The batteries gives you more than 5 hours of music between every charge through its mini USB port. When not charging the cable fits easily into the bottom of the speaker. The speaker is available in 3 colors, read, green and black.

The second speakers I want to mention are iHome iHM79 Rechargeable Mini Speakers. What´s really good is that you get a pair of stereo speakers for the same price as you get only one of the speakers above! You can collapse the speakers and keep them together with their magnetic base and they still fits easily in your pocket with a size of 2.09 x 2.09 x1.42 and a weight of 54.4 grams it´s the lightest pair of speakers that still provides really good sound quality! The speakers have rubberized paint in many colors as well. The fact that they are about $ 10 cheaper than the speakers mentioned above doesn´t exactly hurt either.

Another small form factor load speaker that performs really well is the Liberatone Zipp Portable AirPlay speaker. It gives great sound, but it´s still portable and plays for up to 4 hours. It connects to your iPad or other iOS device through AirPlay so you don´t need any cables or WiFi network. If you have it in a room you have full room acoustic technology that makes the sound perfect in the entire room. It is wrapped in Italian wool and you may choose between several colors. You just zip the different wrappers on and off as you wish. It has really good ribbon-based tweeters that give you crystal clear sound. This is the choice if you prefer ultimate sound quality for up to four hours outdoor use and are willing to pay 9 times more than for the other speakers I´ve mentioned above! If you are extremely into sound quality and think 4 hours is enough between each charge this is the choice for you!

Whatever speaker you choose, they will provide you with much better sound than any iPad or iOS device out there today. If sound is important to you and you don´t want to drag around an extra set of speaker you should go with iPad mini, at least it has a set of stereo speakers which none of the other iOS devices has yet!

Enjoy good sound!

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