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What Is The Best Way To Watch A Movie On The Internet?
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There are different ways to watch a movie on the internet.

There are places you can watch for free through "online streaming." Essentially there are two ways you watch a movie on your computer over the internet. You are either going to be "streaming" or you are going to download it to your computer. In the first case the content of the movie never resides on your hard disk (it is like watching a you tube video). There are some services like Hulu that will allow you to watch some movies and some tv shows online for free. With services like these you never download the actual movie onto your computer. The advantage here is that you watch it instantly (as long as you have a good internet connection).

Then there are places that you can actually download the movie to your computer for free. The two things to watch for here are that there are no viruses (this can happen so be careful) and that it is actually a legal download. There are other sites that may be legal where you can watch a movie on the internet for free but you will either have low quality or adds. Remember, you get what you pay for (or what you don´t pay for )

There are services like Netflix where you can watch a movie on the internet by signing up for a monthly plan. Last time I checked for eight dollars a month you have access to watching as many tv shows and movies as they have available for instant watching (not all movies will be available). You can even watch directly onto your Nintendo Wii, Playstation or Xbox. You do have to have a valid US address and be in the US to use this service.

There are places you can watch for free but the quality is poor. Other sites will have ads. There is usually a reason they are free. With so many options available online to watch a movie on the internet it is easy overwhelmed and lost. I would go for a site that you pay something if you are going to watch movies on a somewhat regular basis.

Of course, I still love going to the movie theater. But instead of renting as long as you have a good internet connection, I would spend some time looking into the different options I have. How can I save on the amount I pay to rent movies or on my cable bill. There are some really good options where for a low price I can get quality legal movies (whether it be streaming or downloading) and / or access to TV through my computer.

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