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What Is The Future Of Tablet Pc And Windows Tablet Computers?
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Tablet pc’s the cross bread between a mobile phone and a laptop. They are taking the consumer market by storm. But what is the future of these amazing little gadgets?

If you go back in time-line of technological development you will realise that as soon as something is developed or designed, the almost immediate next step is to get this gadget mobile, smaller and more powerful. The mainframe computer that launched Neil Armstrong to the moon was a massive room full of hardware and consisted of something that cannot be used in a household unless you have a large room built for it. Now any descent smart phone on the market today has more computing power than this mainframe.

A long time ago when the first 24MB hard drive was launched  a very powerful man that had a huge impact on the small computing world said, the world will never develop a need for anything bigger than this and that is so big that we will never need anything bigger. This hard drive was the size of my current net book which has a 500GB hard drive and that is extended everyday with my external hard drive, because this 500GB is just not enough.

Now by looking at the history we can learn something about the future. Net books are the new boom in the technological world and the reason being is that they are the next step to computers.  Mobile, smaller and a more powerful personal computer that have the capabilities of computing power similar to your laptop or desktop but in the size of a small book. In the beginning they were nothing more than a big mobile phone, but now they are powerful computers that have a whole new look. With either Android or Windows operating systems these gadgets are becoming more powerful by the day.

The future? They will replace computers and laptops and become the new face of computing. There are already windows tablet computers running the normal version of windows XP and 7. This is why the world is so crazy about these new tools. In my opinion we will watch through a glass windows and laugh with our tablet in our hands at the massive computer that we know call a desktop in 10 years time.

Just like a mobile phone people got used to these tablets and ask themselves how they managed without these devices in the past.  If you have not yet bought your own Tablet PC then I suggest that you should get into gear and join the future of computing. You can get yourself a windows tablet computer or android if you like. Get, buy, acheter tablet pc and get up to date with the world today, just like a mobile phone this tablet pc’s will be something that everyone owns and if they don’t people will think by themselves, how does this person get through life.

I have shown you the future of tablet pc’s so wake up and smell the roses, because the future is here

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