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Why My Car Radio Is Only Programmed For Oldies And Disney Channels
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During each generation, standards are set and accepted contemporaneously with that particular time. I often recall my mother telling me how things had changed from her childhood days. When I became an adult, I would sometimes tell my children how things had changed from my childhood days. Just like me before my children, they were not interested in hearing some old time stories. Just like me, they wanted to know what I could do for them today. I do believe the changes from my childhood to adulthood was more pronounced, than those of my mother. I still possess some eight-track tapes, which was popular at that time. The only problem is, I do not have any type of machine to play them.

Right before my very eyes, I observed a culture change that did not wait nor have any patience with me. Since I had children to rise, I attempted to keep abreast of the latest inventions so I would be able to vaguely speak their language. With having to work and all the other responsibilities of being an adult with children, I had to relinquish my quest to keep up with the ever-changing technological world. Cell phone, talking machines in cars (GPS) that can tell you precisely how to get to grandma’s house.

Even though I have raised my children and now retired, I still feel the after affects of all those changes. I know that my son, who seemed to have mastered the inter-workings of all those gadgets, get tired of me calling asking about some problem. I felt so guilty, that whenever I called, I pretended it was about something else or just a general call. It did not take long for him to undercover my attempt at subterfuge. He would just ask, what is it you want to know dad?

Some of the words expressed in today’s music will put a drunken sailor to shame. It can be rather embarrassing while riding along with your grand kids, and the radio starts uttering some very profane words. You look at them and they look at you, they wonder what is wrong with me. I am certain that will change as they get older.

I have heard that as we age, we sometimes have a tendency to forget many things. In an attempt to keep me from for getting, I have programmed all of my radio stations accordingly.

If you happen to hear my car radio playing, and you hear, Chuck Berry, Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, The Righteous Brothers, B. B. King, Sam Cooke and a host of others. Just tell yourself, he cannot find a good station.

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