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Windows 7 Sstp Vpn And 256 - Ssl Encryption - Wtf Is That?
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Windows 7 Sstp Vpn And 256  -  ssl Encryption  -  Wtf is That?

I have a blog about online privacy, so I spend a lot of time writing about VPN services and stuff related to these two topics. One thing I run into over and over again is repeating of useless information that no one really understands. While most users don't catch it, because they skim over 1 or 2 articles, as I have been conducting my research over the years, I start to see patters. There is usually a technical guide from a reputable source, like one on Windows 7 SSTP VPN. Maybe it's Wikipedia. Some guy, in order to promote a product on his blog, basically rewords the tech article, and sticks it on his blog. So I'd like to provide a different perspective on things.

While I can't provide you with all the technical details - do you really need them? From a potential VPN subscriber's point of view, it's much more practical to know the practical application of this type of technology.

So what is Windows 7 SSTP VPN?

So without getting much into what a VPN is, it basically does all the stuff that other types of VPNs do. You may have heard of PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. Just like the other guys, it tunnels and encrypts your information to make you anonymous online. It makes your online history and data private, and prevents eavesdropping. You ISP can't see what's inside of a VPN tunnel, so neither can your government, whether it be the Chinese communists trying to silence human rights activists, or the invasive American FBI, attempting to create an online profile of everyone browsing the internet.

Yes, you can change your IP address and access Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, and all that good stuff.

So what's the difference?

Well, the main difference that's going to concern you is that it's a recently released Microsoft product. This means that it's currently only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Right there that means that 90% of VPN users need to look elsewhere.

Try OpenVPN.

So if you're running Windows 7, is there any reason you should use SSTP rather than OpenVPN? Or what about that PPTP VPN protocol?

Windows 7 SSTP's advantage over PPTP is that it has better encryption. That means more privacy, more security, and more efficient invisible surfing.

And concerning SSTP vs. OpenVPN, there isn't much difference at all. Unless for some reason you're living somewhere that has blocked OpenVPN (I don't even think that's possible), the result will be the same - advanced encryption (SSL), changed IP address, and anonymity online. If you're still convince that there is some secret difference that you're missing out on, Wikipedia gets in depth about the technical details. If you just want an SSTP VPN service that's going to work on Windows 7, then this is the last article that you'll have to read on the subject.

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