How To Register For The HP Certification Exam?
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Do you know that even if you are not working for HP, you can still become an HP certified? Yes, this is possible by going for the HP certification exams, which have been equally designed for all individuals whether they are HP employees or normal people, who wish to make a career in IT.

Among the many HP exams, the HP ExpertOne certification is an exam that many people are choosing. This certification can let you give a head start to your career. If you get to pass the exam, you will get a chance to attain your foremost goal with some distinction. These certifications are capable of adding remarkable value to the profile of any individual working in the field of Information Technology.

Talking about the HP ExpertOne certification, it can enhance your expertise in cloud computing, business software, data centers, servers, networking, storage and more. This certification can let you enhance your skills, enabling you to work in a dynamic environment. This certification is not like those typical diplomas or certifications that are merely a piece of paper and don’t do anything good to make you a competent person. In fact, these certifications are capable of changing you. Managers say that when their employees take these exams, they come back to the organizations as more capable engineers. That is what every organization needs. With time, technologies are changing and having the same knowledge will not get you anywhere. You have to keep yourself updated with the technology and giving the HP certification exams can be one step to make yourself more knowledgeable, skillful, and competent.

If you wish to take the exam, here are some steps for the registration:

1. Firstly, you must register with the ExpertOne program. Customers, partners, HP employees and other individuals can get registered with this program.

2. Next, you have to choose the certification. Make sure that you choose the current certification because both old and new versions are sometimes available.

3. Go the upgrade path and see if you already have any of the certifications listed there.

4. You will have to register yourself for the certification in the Learning Center too.

5. You must complete all the prerequisites required.

6. If you wish to pass any exam, training can help you big time. If you don’t think you need training, you can skip it because it is not necessary.

7. Once you have taken the exam, you will get the certification as you pass. The status of pass or fail will be updated immediately. The transcript will be uploaded to the Learning Center in 7 days.

8. The test can be given from any part of the world. Once you have followed the steps of registration, you will receive a confirmation email in 2 to 5 days.

Keep in mind that these HP certification exams are not everyone’s cup of tea. You can never hope to pass the exam without studying. Also, practical exposure is necessary because 60% of the exam consists of questions based on real life scenario. So make sure that you have properly prepared yourself for the exam.

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