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9 Warning Signs Of A Bad Relationship And How You Can Use Them To Your Advantage
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There comes a point in some relationships where one doubts whether they should stay with that person. When you start to feel like you are only holding on to good memories then that can be one of the warning signs of a bad relationship.

Remember that pain is inevitable and suffering is an option. You need not suffer for love; love should be a happy feeling and joyful experience, not all the time, but at least the good outweighs the bad. If there are more bad days than good days; stop, look and listen and see if you can spot any of these red lights.

You lie to your friends/family about your relationship.

If you find that you can no longer be honest as to what is really going on between the two of you even to your closest kin, there is definitely something wrong. It may come to a point where you lie to defend them, that's when you know it’s really bad.

You no longer spend quality time together.

Without exclusive quality time, you’re relationship will not survive. You may already have children and both of you are busy with your careers, but like they say: “if there's a will, there’s a way”. It is not overrated when they say that it is very important to keep romance alive in a relationship. It is a clear sign of a bad relationship when neither of you makes the effort anymore.

You or your partner are trying to change one another.

Before you get into a relationship with the person, more important than falling in love is accepting the other person, flaws and all. Sometimes, people get into a relationship making the mistake of making it their goal to change the other person. Remember that it is better to lose somebody than lose yourself; if you want to change, do it because you want to. Not because your partner tells you to; and vice versa.

Sarcasm & Negative comments.

If you no longer get compliments, reassuring words, positive feedback and the likes, take this as a red flag. If your partner gives you sarcasm and snide remarks, do not take that sort of emotional abuse. This goes the other way around as well, if you can no longer find it in your heart to appreciate what your partner does, that is a sure signs of relationship going the wrong way.

Name calling or constantly putting you down.

In front of others or in private, this is unacceptable. Respect is a crucial ingredient in a relationship.

Irrational jealousy.

It is inevitable that you or your partner becomes jealous. But if it becomes too much to the point that either of you becomes controlling it is either an issue of trust or personal insecurities.

loss of interest in each other's life.

This is a sign that you are falling out of love or becoming bored with your partner. When this happens you tend to hear but not really listen and understand; which kills communication and further damages the relationship. Or it can stem from a feeling of superiority, which is really bad. If you belittle your partner or vice versa, then it is a very clear sign of a bad relationship.

Bottled up resentment.

This negative emotion (often of contempt) will brew in you and spread like poison. Before you know it, you hate everything little thing your partner does. Open communication is key.

You make up after every argument without even addressing and resolving the issues.

The two of you most likely are a “sex couple”. Sex is good; it is a vital ingredient of a relationship. But sometimes great sex can mask deeper issues. This may lead to buried resentments which will eventually kill a relationship. Make sure you talk to address the problem and agree on a resolution, and then you can have better sex without something nagging at you at the back of your head.

There are many signs of a bad relationship and you can usually identify it based on gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right, more often than not something isn’t right. Remember that you get the love you think you deserve, so if feel you deserve better, take it up with your partner. Honesty and open communication can do wonders for any relationship.

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