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After A Breakup – Moving On By Forgiving
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After a breakup, moving on can be challenging when you’re not sure why you feel the way you do or if you’re unsure why the relationship didn’t work out. Looking at the breakup from an objective point of view will often reveal why it failed and will help you to recognize what you don’t want out of future relationships.

When a couple begins to have trouble, they often respond out of pain and anger. These heated arguments or discussions often mask the real underlying problem. As an example, if your partner is jealous and possessive, it’s more likely a sign of his or her own insecurity than any character flaws on your part. You have to understand what lies beneath the discord to really be able to understand why the relationship wasn’t good for you in the first place. Having this knowledge is powerful in that it allows you to see that it’s not because of either one party, but more of an issue with personality differences.

If you find that the relationship ended because of something that you know you have issues with, it’s beneficial to tackle it head on so that you don’t repeat this behavior in the future. People, who have emotional baggage that has them moving from one failed relationship to the next, will never be able to truly move on until this is resolved. This takes being brutally honest with yourself and requires that you be able to take action for permanent change. No one is perfect and you are actually a better person for recognizing your shortcomings and taking steps to resolve them.

When two otherwise emotionally healthy people break up, it’s often the result of growing apart. These types of relationships are generally less emotionally volatile when they end, with both parties having the ability to remain on a friendly basis afterwards. This is the ideal situation as it reflects the maturity and emotional stability of the two people involved. You don’t have to necessarily be best friends, but at least being friendly when you run into each other from time to time prevents harboring of resentment and negative feelings. After a breakup, moving on should include having the ability to forgive your former partner of any of their transgressions. This will go a long way towards your own emotional healing.

Continuing to fight or argue over truly meaningless things will prolong the pain of ending a relationship. After A Breakup, moving on means that you are emotionally ok with it and truly wish your former partner the best. Only when you let go of any hurt and forgive the other person will you really be able to move on.

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