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Are You Trying To Save A Marriage Alone? Positives And Negatives Of Traditional Marriage Counseling
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When marriages find themselves in trouble, one of the first places that people look to help solve their problems are traditional marriage counseling services. But how effective is traditional marriage counseling in fixing broken marriages? Let's look at the benefits and drawbacks of traditional marriage counseling:

First, for support for traditional marriage counseling will be that it accepted by society as a traditional route to solve your marriage problems.

Second, in support would be seeking help from a professional can really help when you are overwhelmed with your problems.

The next point is many people feel that a "neutral" party can offer them better advice than family members or friends.

The 4th advantage of traditional marriage counseling will be it can offer a "safe" place for people to confront their problems if they are too proud or embarrassed to talk to family members or friends.

The last point in support of tradional marriage counseling is that as many as 35% of all couples have tried traditional marriage counseling at one point.

Now let's look at the evidence against traditional marriage counseling:

The first argument against traditional marriage counseling is going to be it requires the active participation of both spouses.

And the second argument agaianst is it can be very expensive.

The third argumnt against will be requires an extensive time commitment.

The next argument against is it can be hard to find a therapist that both spouses feel comfortable with.

5th and final arugment against is that it may not actually be effective. Studies show that the same percentage of people who go through traditional marriage counseling end up getting divorced as people who don't..

So you can see that valid arguments can be made for both viewpoints.

Is marriage counseling effective? or maybe more bad than good? This is a very personal question that each couple has to decide for themselves. But if you are in the sad situation where you are trying to save a marriage alone then traditional marriage counseling will probably not not work for you. There are lots of other ways to save a marraige without counseling, and those will be the ones you will need to invest time and energy on.

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