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Breakup Survival Sucks!
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Breakup Survival Sucks!

At the risk of sounding crude, experiencing a breakup sucks! I just don't know a better way of articulating the feeling. They're painful, lonely and seem to last forever. The best breakup survival tip I could give you might just be to let it go and leave the relationship in the past.

Easy to do, right? Wrong!

Dealing with all the painful emotions of breaking up is never easy and learning how to control the hurt feelings so they don't consume you is never easy, either.

You're probably wondering at the moment that “this sounds fantastic, but exactly how is that done”. Well, to be exact, the best method I can reveal to you is have to contact at all with your ex. I don't know the dynamics of your breakup, but, if the ex continues calling and engaging in mind games with you its going to be harder.

Some of the mind games will be that they want to keep you as a spare tire, or, put you on the back burner by keeping you thinking they just might consider getting back together. This type of behavior is why breakup survival sucks and if you're suffering through it, I feel sorry for you.

You'll have to be strong and let them know in no uncertain terms that they're behavior is unacceptable and you won't be playing their mind games. If its over, great. If its not, lets do something about getting back with each other. Pretty straight forward.

An excellent way of putting the relationship behind you is to remove anything in your current environment that reminds you of your ex, pictures, cloths, or any knick knacks you've collected together.

I wouldn't recommend, at this point, you destroy them,perhaps you'll do that someday, but not at the moment. Just gather everything together and put it in storage. Out of sight is out of mind.

Another good way of leaving the relationship behind you, is to stop frequenting places you both hung out at before when you were together. This way you'll avoid running into friends you both share and the memories will be minimal.

Hang around positive family members and friends, avoid negative people. At this juncture in your life you can't afford negative people around you, so just spend your time with uplifting family and friends.

Taking care of yourself is top priority, especially after a breakup. Get out and enjoy things that make you feel great and give you a positive outlook for your future. This can be anything you like, from sitting in a quiet place enjoying the silence, to working out at the gym, of go on that vacation you've always wanted.

It really doesn't matter what activity you do, just make sure its something that gives you a positive charge and uplifts your mental outlook on life. This activity is for you to help get over the ex and move on with living your life.

Dating at this time is not a great idea, either, it just isn't right yet. Give yourself ample time to get over the breakup of your relationship and enough time to gather your strength in order for you to open your heart and love someone new.

Just focus on these breakup survival tips for the time being because they are the best way relationships can be gotten over. The pain may linger, and may stay with you for awhile, but these tips can make the healing a little quicker and minimize the pain.

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