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Can I Have A Second Chance With My Boyfriend Or Is It Too Late?
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You've been through a lot of good times and bad times with your boyfriend. There's a lot of history between the two of you. Now that he's walked away you're spending more and more time thinking about the good times you had together than you are about the bad. You can't help but hold out hope that he's going to come to his senses and decide he wants you back as much as you want to get your boyfriend back.

There's this little part of you though that's just afraid to get out there and put your heart on the line again. You're afraid to try to get him back because you don't want your heart to get broken again. So you sit back and ask: "Can I have a second chance with my boyfriend or is it too late?" of the universe and the universe remains frustratingly silent.

Perhaps it's time to set your sites a little closer to home when seeking out help than the vastness of the universe. I've helped couples in 77 countries work out there relationship differences and find true happiness in each other's arms all over again. I believe I can help you too!

Embracing Possibilities

Second chances are difficult to ask for – at least in a way that allows you to maintain a small degree of pride and dignity in the asking. But your priority isn't to ask him for a second chance. Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to get him to ask you for one.

You are a smart, beautiful, bright, and capable woman. You can do all kinds of things that others can't do. You've been in a relationship with this man you love dearly and there is one thing you've surely learned by now. If you want to get your boyfriend back this is one of the best ways to do it.

It is so much easier convincing him that he has had a great idea than it is to convince him that your idea is a great idea. Your challenge here is to convince him that it's HIS idea to get back together.

But how do you convince him that the idea is his? By putting your best face forward. When you present a beautiful and confident front he'll be at your mercy before he knows what's hit him. Here are just a few of the small changes you can make that will hit him hard where it matters most.

  • Change your hairstyle.
  • Lose a little weight (sculpt or tone your body).
  • Try teeth whitening.
  • Visit the tanning bed for a nice summer glow (or use a self-tanner that doesn't look artificial).
  • Get dental work done if any is needed.
  • Change your wardrobe (dress the way he likes to see you dressed).
  • Wear your heels a little higher.
  • Smile (practice smiling until it hurts and then smile some more – never let him see you when you aren't wearing your sincerest smile).

These aren't big changes but they will bring real results and cause him to see you in a different light. But when you want something a little deeper to help you get your ex back, it's time to see what I can do to help you out.

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