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Can I Make Him Miss Me? Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Long For You
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Can I Make Him Miss Me? Get Your Ex Boyfriend to Long for You

Getting your ex boyfriend back isn't just about trying to convince the man that you're the only woman for him. You've probably already tried that and it hasn't given you the results you wanted, has it? That's actually not surprising at all. Male psychology is a complicated thing and unless you understand the fundamentals of which triggers you need to push within your ex boyfriend to make him long for you again, you're not going to get him to even consider taking you back. It all essentially begins with making the man miss you. You may not realize that women tend to fall in love with men when they're together. In other words, when a woman and a man are hanging out and the woman looks over at the man, there will be an instant when she realizes she's fallen for the guy. It's not like that with men at all. Men tend to fall in love when they're not with a woman. They start to feel those feelings of adoration and longing when they miss that woman. That's why you absolutely have to set forth on a path to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

Silently Disappear From His Life

As much as you may think you'll make more of an impact if you tell your ex boyfriend that you're disappearing from his life, you won't. Men are privy to women's emotions and typical actions after a break up. He's expecting you to make an announcement that you're moving on with your life and away from him. If he knows it's coming on the horizon, he's not going to react the way you want him to at all.

That's the very reason why you must disappear from his life swiftly and silently. There are no circumstances under which you should be telling him that you're going to do this. Any peep from you about this and it absolutely loses all effectiveness. That means you can't talk about it on any of your social media sites, don't tell mutual friends that you're going off to seek a new life and don't talk to your ex boyfriend's relatives about this at all.

Instead, just delete his contact information from your phone and move forward with your life. Try to avoid all his usual haunts including cafes and restaurants. Just make a vow to yourself that you're going to stay out of his way for a few weeks and then follow through.

Embrace Your Life and All It Offers

Regardless of the fact that you've cut off contact with your ex boyfriend, he's still going to hear through the grapevine what you're up to. This is particularly true if he's still holding onto some lingering feelings for you. He'll ask mutual friends if they know how you are or someone will mention seeing you somewhere.

In order to capitalize on this you have to be on your best behavior at all times. There is a trigger within all men that makes them territorial over the woman they adore. Even if a break up has occurred, if there are still some mixed emotions floating around, he's not going to enjoy hearing that you're out and about having fun and meeting new people.

If you sit at home miserably waiting for him to come to his senses and ask you to take him back, you're literally destroying your chances of him wanting you again. Men don't want women who aren't emotionally mature. He doesn't want to know that you're wasting away waiting for him to come running back. That's no romantic to a man. It's pathetic.

Therefore you need to show him that's not who you are. Jump back into doing the things you love and don't look back. Don't push your renewed interest in moving forward with your life in his face. In other words, don't post a bunch of pictures online showing you're out for cocktails every night of the week.

Just enjoy your life as you did before you and your ex ever got together. He'll learn about it one way or another and the fact that you're having fun without him is bound to sting and it's also bound to make him miss you.

Take Each Day as It Comes

As is the case with any difficult emotional journey, you're going to have both good days and bad days. The process of getting your ex boyfriend back isn't going to happen overnight. It takes insight, determination and patience. Once you understand more about the triggers that make him long for you again, you'll have the foundation you need to move towards finally reclaiming the love of the man you adore.

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