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Cute Ways To Get Your Boyfriend Back - These Will Lessen Your Pain
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Cute Ways to Get Your Boyfriend Back  -  These Will Lessen Your Pain

If you are crying all night holding your pillow & thinking about getting your ex-boyfriend back, then you should not be worry because there are some cute ways that you can use to get him back.

But you have to be honest with yourself that you really want your ex-boyfriend in your life again. If your life become discolor & your heart aches for him, if you miss the funny moments with him, then you should definitely go for getting him back.

Here are some tips which can help you. You have to avoid some things first. Don’t send your ex-boyfriend continuous texts. Do not call him continuously without giving any break.

Try to forget the fights or quarreling you had with your boyfriend. Try to take control on your negative attitudes. Keep patience though you are dying to see or speak to your ex- boyfriend.

Music has healing power for broken heart. Music can make bonds between two broken souls. Listening of the following 5 wonderful songs would be helpful if your boyfriend loves songs & music.

5 heart touching songs for getting your boyfriend back

  1. "When you are gone..." by AVRIL LAVIGNE.
  2. "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely..." by Backstreet Boys.
  3. "The reason..." by Hoobastank.
  4. "Nobody wants to be lonely..." by Ricky Martin.
  5. "Private emotion..." by Ricky Martin.

After listening of these songs get a blank CD & record these songs. It would be cuter if you can sing

these songs. Hearing your voice will make him missing you.

Another cute way is to write a letter. If you were guilty in breaking up relation with your boyfriend, then

you can simply ask forgiveness for your faults. Write about some happy moments you two spent

together & how much you are missing those moments. You can send him some of his favorite flowers in

special occasions.

You can send an email asking about how his days are going on. It can open the door of communication. Send just casual email, don’t show much emotion. Cause by sending heavy emotional email you has a chance to

irritate him!

You can send him a card which can contain some caring words about him. It would be very cute if you

give him a handmade card of yourself! Write how you feel about him. Put your ego aside while you are


You can send him tickets of his favorite band concerts or football matches & ask him to go with you. But do it only when you have completed the no contact rule first.

Now make yourself available for him and go to the places where you may encounter with him. Do not be so over-whelmed if you see him. Try to be calm & make your facial expression normal as possible.

If you have a chance, start casual conversations like how his health is. Do not express much excitement. Don’t be so disheartened & keep faith on yourself. Try to be cheerful & take care of yourself.

Cause there is a proverb- “If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody”. True love will show your boyfriend the ways to come back to you.

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