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Does Ignoring Your Ex Boyfriend Really Work?
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Does Ignoring Your Ex Boyfriend Really Work?

When you break up with your boyfriend, several things flash across your mind. You want to actually explore every means that will bring your ex back in your arms.

This may leave you with several options one of which is ignoring your ex. This method has worked in some cases, but we can say that it's not applicable in all cases.

It solely depends on the individual and how you pay your cards. However, if you have to use this method of getting your ex back, you can give it a twist by observing the following points:

# Know your limits:

You are ignoring your ex only to make him rekindle his interest in you. You want him to notice your presence and in your heart you know what you want.

Therefore, don't take your moves overboard. If you exaggerate your actions, you might push him further from you. Just give him an impression that you're still interested in him and he makes a move you need to respond positively.

Usually this happens when you go out with your friends in his presence, but remember your ultimate goal is to win him back.

So the best thing is to activate his appetite for you, leave him to respond and act accordingly.

# Don't ignore him at all times:

You can ignore him on one occasion but not at all times. This can make him have the idea that you have actually moved on.

If you are ignoring him, minimize the frequency of doing it so that it doesn't become a habit.

# Observe his reaction when you ignore him:

You will notice almost immediately how he reacts when you ignore him. If he is positive, you can use that opportunity to move closer to him.

On the other hand, if he shows some negative reaction you can look for a better method to win him back. All methods can be explored but what worked for one person may not work in your case.

It's therefore advisable to stick to what can work for you.

In dating matters, it's your res ponsibility to work towards building your relationship. Breaking up is always a hard thing to do, but once it happens you should look for ways to restore the relationship.

Ignoring your ex boyfriend is one of the mechanisms you can explore to achieve this objective. Like any other method, this one also has its challenges and so you must be ready to effectively counter the challenges you face along the way.

In final thoughts, ignoring your ex boyfriend really work right after the break up. But don't overdo it if you want to get back together with him.

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