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Get An Ex - Boyfriend Back – What Are The Reasons Behind The Break Up?
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Get An Ex  -  boyfriend Back – What Are the Reasons Behind the Break Up?

Did your ex-boyfriend break up with you? Are you finding ways on to get him back? Breaking up and seeing that person leave is never easy but there’s still hope. Sometimes, a break up isn’t permanent. It can also be just temporary, just a moment apart to help you both miss each other and find solution to fix the flaws of the relationships.

If you want to know how to get an ex-boyfriend back and get another chance of loving him then the first thing you need to do is find the reason for the break up.

A break up doesn’t necessarily happen because you screamed at him or you had a huge fight. Breaking a person’s heart is not an easy task. It takes time and a lot of thinking to decide how to do it or when to do it. The fight can just be the last straw for him to finally say “it’s over” but there’s always a root cause on why he had to make that break up decision.

The break up could be a result of past mistakes, problems or arguments that just got piled up overtime. That is why you need to take time and figure out what really went wrong. You can’t start fixing something that you don’t know what made it broken.

Here are some common reasons why an ex-boyfriend chooses to break up:

Lack of respect

Men on top being love want to be respected. If you often criticize your ex-boyfriend on how he handles things in life then this can be offending him. For example, calling your ex names when you are in a fight or instead of motivating your ex to reach his goal you end up saying stuff like he’s too lazy to achieve it. Even if your ex doesn’t say anything, those words get stuck in his head and can cause him a reason to think about breaking up.

Do you take him for granted?

This is the most common reason for a break up. Most of the time, especially, when a couple has been in the relationship for a long time, one gets complacent. Men also wants to feel pampered and taken cared off like us women. Never forget to spice things up with your man. Cook for him, compliment him and do stuff together that will hype the relationship up again.

Do you always end up blaming him?

We are not perfect and we all have flaws. However, when you end up blaming every mistake or arguments to your ex then you’re clearly doing something wrong. It takes two to tango, you and your man has a fair share on why things go wrong. It isn’t good that you always point that finger on him.

To wrap this up, in order to get your ex-boyfriend back you have to understand and try to identify the root cause of the break up. This way you’d know how to fix it and that fixing starts with you. Once you identify your mistakes, find ways on how to change and be a better person. He’d want to come back and will ask you to come back once you prove him that you can learn and change for the better.

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