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Get Back With Her Using The No Contact Rule
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Losing your girlfriend to another man is devastating and heartbreaking to say the least. When you are caught up in such a situation, the frustration, pain and bitterness can be overwhelming. In the heat of the moment, your instincts tempt you to contact her and plead with her to take you back.

But you have heard of the no contact rule, and you must be wondering if it works. Well, it does, when applied correctly. It has worked for other people before you, but they had to master the ropes.

Some went through every script titled 'how to get my girl back from another guy with the no contact rule' before they got it right.

As the name suggests, the rule involves cutting all communication with the girl as soon as you break up. No calling, texting, leaving voice mails or dropping by her place. Maintain this distance for 30 days. This rule goes against your natural instincts, which tell you to get your girl back as soon as you can before she develops a bond with the other man.

You feel ready to do anything, including stooping low enough to beg, plead and make unreasonable promises to her. The truth is that all the decisions that you are making during this time are irrational and guided by negative emotions. You are likely to say a lot of things that you do not mean.

Additionally, the frantic efforts to contact her will only display your weakness and desperation. These are not the kind of traits that will attract your ex back; if anything they will only push her further away. Take time to calm yourself and regain your composure.

Let it seem like you are continuing with your life normally. As you each take time away from each other, you will think things over more rationally.

She may be with another man now, but as each day passes without a word from you, she will find herself longing for you.

Find relaxing things to do to ease your mind. It could be a relaxing massage, watching a game, playing your favorite sport or rediscovering your hobby; whatever tickles your fancy. As you focus your energy elsewhere, the negative emotions will melt away.

You will be in a better position to re-examine yourself and your relationship. Do so with an open mind acknowledging any mistakes that you may have made contributing to the breakup.

As you reconnect with yourself, you might find it necessary to initiate some long-tern changes that will make you a better person. Find ways of improving yourself and making progress in your life. Indulge in new ventures of your interest to help you regain your confidence.

This new personality will not go unnoticed by your ex, and soon enough she will be the one taking the initiative to contact you. She will be pleasantly surprised by the new you, and attracted to you all over again.

You can then pick it up right from where you left off. Good luck!

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