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Get Your Ex Back – Is Your Ex Leading You On?
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Get Your Ex Back – Is Your Ex Leading You On?

So you and you love have been broken up for a month now, you have prepared yourself to expect for everything to be different. However, you find yourself still flirting and doing stuff with your ex as if you guys are still together.

You got your mind working over time figuring “what the hell is going on?”

Are we a couple again?

Is this just a different kind of friendship?

Well, this scenario is common. The bad news is this doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your ex are back together. You might be just being strung along and you should never let that happen.

Signs that your ex is leading you on:

1. Your ex still contacts you and ask favors even when they’re with someone else already.

This is not shocking at all. I’ve read and heard from friends the exact same scenario happening to them. Exes, who ask favors from their exes, especially when they know that this particular ex is still head over heels in love with them, use your feelings against you. They take that to their advantage to get things going in their favor and some just do this because they attention they get out of it.

2. Your ex tells you he/she misses you or loves you still but don’t want to commit.

An ex who says those words is those who usually broke up out of nowhere. They don’t have valid reasons for the breakup which make them end up being confused. They utter the words “I love and I miss you” to get you hooked and wait for them until they figure out what they want in their lives. It’s like their keeping you until something good comes their way.

3. Your ex has all the excuses in the world when you ask for their help.

We love our ex and when they ask us for favors we tend to do it because it gives us hope that there is still a chance for reconciliation. However, when it’s your turn to ask for a favor they easily rejects you. If this is what’s happening then you need to re-think this whole relationship because clearly it’s just one-sided and it’s just him who is benefiting out from it. A relationship doesn’t work that way.

The bottom line here is no matter how much you love your ex; you should be able to stop and step back and see what’s really going on. You should be able to learn when not to give in. You should not easily let your guard down thinking that all of these are happening because they want to get back together.

Be able to analyze what really is going on. Don’t settle for it because it makes you feel like you’re one step closer to getting your ex back.

Keep in mind that if your ex wants to get back together, it shouldn’t just be you making all the work. Your ex has to do his or her fair share of proving that he or she wants to get back together.

If you still want to get your ex back despite of it all, learn to speak your mind. If you identify the signs that he or she might be leading you on, talk to your ex and ask what he or she wants.

Be brave enough to speak your mind and take control of the situation because just going on with the game your ex plays will not help you get your ex back.

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