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He Dumped Me With No Explanation – I Dont Know What To Do Next
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Getting dumped hurts! There's no doubt about that at all. It hurts even worse when you feel as though you don't even know why your boyfriend left. For some men it's as simple as them not knowing what to say and not wanting to hurt you even more. So, they say nothing rather than give explanations that aren't well formulated – even in their own minds. This leaves you in a nasty state of limbo and you have no idea where to go from here. You don't know what to do next. All you know is that your heart feels like it's breaking twice. And that hurts even more.

But here's the rub. Do you really need an explanation? It would be nice but will knowing why he left make your sleep any better at night? So many women in your position blame themselves for real and imagined flaws, character traits, and weaknesses. They are so good at placing the blame on themselves for the end of the relationship that there's no room left over to blame the one who left. You're not an ogre and he isn't an island. It's time to stop seeing only the good in him while only exploring the bad in you.

Neither of you were perfect, the way he left, without an explanation at all, shows that he is an imperfect being just as you are. You have to stop placing him on a pedestal while digging yourself a deeper ditch to crawl into. It's not fair to either of you and only leaves you feeling worse about yourself. You deserve better than that and can do better for yourself than that. You are a bright and beautiful woman. You can do anything you set your mind to. You can even get your ex back after he left you with no explanation as to why. But, is that what you really want?

If you still feel like you need answers there is one option that's open to you. You need to let a little time pass and then work on a second chance letter. This letter isn't ONLY about finding ways to get another chance with the man who left you. It's also about finding peace with what's happened even if you can't change the way your story ends. It's an opening prologue for the next chapter in your relationship. For some couples, it's the perfect opening to save your relationship and make it whole again.

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