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How Do I Know He Is Cheating On Me
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If your husband has been acting oddly and you're concerned about his behavior, here are 5 signs you should look for that indicate he might be cheating.  While infidelity isn't always the reason for strange behavior, it's definitely a possibility - and you have every right to examine his behavior.

1. Detachment

Is he detaching himself from activities with you and your family?  If he no longer shows signs of interest in spending time with you or your family, this can be an indication of cheating.  Typically, withdrawing emotionally from you and your family means he is moving closer to another woman or someone else, if he is cheating.

2. Spending time with someone else

Have you noticed another woman in his life, either online or in the real world?  He does not need to be spending time with someone else without telling you about it.  It's okay if he's up front and honest, to a degree (as long as he's not spending excess time with the person).  But when he starts getting secretive about his activities, or simply spending a LOT of time with some other woman, then that's another sign of cheating.

3. Nagging you a lot.

If your husband has started nagging you for things or getting you to do stuff for him without reciprocating these favors, it's a sign he may be getting closer to someone else emotionally.  Why?  Because simply he isn't valuing you as much anymore; that value is going to the other woman. 

4. No longer seems to consider you a couple, or says "I" a lot.

If he's become very autonomous, and as though he's not really considering you a couple any more (like using "I" instead of "We" in his sentences) then it's possible he's cheating - or considering a breakup.  Autonomy is a sign that he's no longer thinking of you as his partner, and that means either someone else is his "new" partner, or he's considering breaking up with you.

5. Secretive about activities

If your husband acts secretive, period, then it's highly possible that he's doing something with someone else on the sly.  He needs to be open and honest with you about his activities.  If he's not, this indicates a problem in your marriage.

He'll act secretive because he doesn't want you to know about what's going on, either with another woman, or with whomever he's seeing.

If you've noticed these five signs in your husband, "how do I know he is cheating on me" becomes a very legitimate question.  You should schedule a time to sit down with him, express your concerns in a quiet, non-confrontational way, and figure out why he's been acting so suspicious.

You have a right to know what's going on, so don't feel shy or hesitant.  I know conflict in a marriage is never fun, but when cheating is a concern, you should definitely be on the road to figuring out what's wrong with your partnership. 

Both people need to be equally committed to the marriage and interested in solving its problems for it to be happy and flourishing.  If he is not, then there is undoubtedly a concern that needs to be addressed. 

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