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How Do I Tell My Ex Boyfriend I Want Him Back? Here's What To Say
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How Do I Tell My Ex Boyfriend I Want Him Back? Here\'s What to Say

You can't find the exact right words, can you? You desperately want to tell your ex boyfriend that you wish you could get just one more chance to show him how deeply you love him. The problem is that whenever you try and express those things, you two argue or you stumble and the wrong words come out. It's a frustrating situation to be in. You know exactly how you feel but expressing that in a way in which your ex boyfriend will not only listen, but also absorb it, is challenging. Trying to communicate in an effective way after a relationship has ended can be very difficult. All of the confusing emotions, mixed with bitter memories equals disaster in most instances. The best approach to take when you're contemplating what to say to your ex is to start thinking like a man. As strange as that sounds, it's advice you'd be well advised to take.

Be Clear and Concise When Talking to Your Ex

Have you ever noticed how men tend to use fewer words than we do? Think about it for a second. Consider the last conversation you had with a man, be it your ex boyfriend, your brother or a co-worker. Who did the majority of the talking? Chances are very good that it was you. As women we just vocalize a lot more, including what we're thinking and feeling. In terms of rebuilding a relationship, that can quickly get in the way.

Men like to be engaged in conversations where each person can get their point across in a quick and painless way. That's why you need to start rethinking how you interact with your ex boyfriend. Going on and on about how hard it has been after the break up isn't going to sit well with him. He doesn't want to hear about that.

You'll do yourself a favor if you keep communication to a bare minimum and if you're very direct with him. He'll appreciate it and you'll find that there are far fewer miscommunications between the two of you if you start employing this technique. This will also help you after you two do get back together. Men adore women who clearly say what they feel without mincing words.

Speak with Little Emotion

A major mistake that virtually all women make when they are talking with their ex after the break up is they get incredibly emotional. It's very hard not to start crying when you're talking to the man you love more than anything in the world. When you talk about the relationship you two used to have, it's completely understandable for you to get emotional about it. The problem is that when you do become emotional in front of him, it's going to make him retreat emotionally. That typically means that he'll shut you out and he won't even hear the things you're trying to tell him.

Getting over a break up can take a very long time. However, you have to learn quickly how to deal with your emotions when you are speaking with your ex. A good rule of thumb is to keep each conversation very short and don't dwell on the past. Talk about what you need to talk about be it when he's going to be moving things out of your apartment or how you need him to pay his part of the rent he skipped out on before he moved on.

Tell Him You're Looking Forward to Your New Life

This can be a very hard thing for any woman to do but it's essential in your quest to get your man to even consider getting back together with you. You need to ensure that he understands that your life is moving in a forward direction because it is.

Some women mistakenly tell their ex boyfriend that they'll wait forever for him. There is no greater turn off for a man than that. He doesn't want to know that you've put your life completely on hold for him. Men enjoy the chase of the unknown and if you sit patiently and wait for him, he'll never come back to you.

Subtly mention that you're looking forward to something new in your life, be it a short vacation with some friends or a new apartment. Say it with a joyful tone in your voice and he'll feel the slight sting of rejection. If he believes you're moving forward without him, he'll start to question whether he wants to do the same.

Stay Strong, Positive and Focused

Now that you now the basic rules for how to communicate with your ex boyfriend, you can take charge of the situation again. Reuniting after a break up is entirely possible if the woman can show her ex that she's the only one for him. The first, and most important step towards that goal is demonstrating to your ex boyfriend that you can make it on your own and you're emotionally strong enough to not only get over him, but move on to whatever happily-ever-after awaits you.

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