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How To Know If He Misses You After A Breakup
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How to Know If He Misses You After A Breakup

When a relationship comes to an end, you become more aware of the importance of your ex in your life than ever before. Since, we don’t value what we have until we lose it, you become mindful to the void your ex has created in your life after the breakup.

The temptation to get your ex back never leaves your mind. You think of giving the relationship another chance and getting your ex back; but, you are unsure if he is still into you. That’s why it becomes important to you to know if your ex misses after the split.

To succeed in deciphering the signs that your ex still wants you, you only have to keep an eye on his behavior. Your ex cannot hide his true feelings for you for long, no matter how hard he tries to cover them under fake patterns. Here are some signs that will help you to learn his real intentions.

1. He Is not dating any other girl:

This is very easy to spot, isn’t it? If your ex hasn’t got in the dating game for a while, then that’s a strong sign that he wants you to know that no other girl can take your place in his heart. He still cares about your feelings, and doesn’t want to hurt you. He may also don’t want to put further obstacles between you both if you decided to get back together.

2. He Displays feelings on his Facebook Status:

Another sign that is easy to spot. Have you noticed that your ex reveals signs of sadness on his Facebook status? Does he state that he is missing someone so important in his life? Does he complain about his empty life? Does he link to your favourite songs on his public pages? If you have noticed any of the above clues, then your ex still loves you.

3. Talking about memories:

In his attempt to draw your attention to his desire to get back together, your ex may remind you of good times you have once spent together, or talk about your old anniversary. If you have noticed that he always tends to talk about those special times, then it becomes clear like the light of the day that his heart cries for a reunion with you.

4. He Praises You Among Your Friends:

If your ex-boyfriend wants to convey you strong messages that he is still love you, then he will spread the good word about you. You will hear of this through your friends, who will come to you and tell you how nice your ex talks about you.

These are some of the clues you can rely on to know whether or not you stand a chance with your ex. However, for you to build a new and lasting relationship with your ex you need to know the proper ways to behave in his presence. You may even want to learn the 9 incredible words you can say to your ex to let him crawling back on his knees asking for your undying love.

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