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How To Make Him Want You Back – 4 Must - Know Tips To Remember
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How to Make Him Want You Back – 4 Must  -  know Tips to Remember

Wondering “how to make him want you back?” Many women are full of doubt when trying to get their men back, they vacillate between one method and another not knowing which one will work best for them. They have no idea where to start, what to say and do, and above all, they fear the rejection.

For you to make your efforts at getting your ex-boyfriend back fruitful, here are a few techniques you need to remember.

1. Contact Him Once In A While:

You do not have to call him if you are afraid that he could hang up on you. At first, you can test his readiness to talk with you by sending him an email or a simple text message. If you get a reply from him, and you notice that he's happy to hear from you, then that’s a strong signal that you can go further and call him. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask him what he has been up to, keep the call short and light-hearted, and most importantly do not forget to end the call first. You have nothing to lose, in the end you will get out of the vicious circle of not knowing what to do.

2. Do Not OverdoThe Phone Calls:

You felt happy and got excited because he did not hang up on you, and the conversation went well as you had previously intended it to be. However, do not make the mistake of suffocated him with calls multiple times a day. Don’t act like the relationship has got back on track between you both, and overdo the phone calls. If you do so, he will get annoyed, and probably he won’t talk to you again.

3. Do Not Make Him Jealous:

If you really want to know how to make him want you back, then don’t think of making him jealous. Acting in such a way will only make him angrier. When your ex sees that you are having fun with other boys, he will think that it is time for him to move on as well. Playing the jealousy game with your ex might fireback on you if you don’t know how to plan your steps carefully.

4. Send Him A Greeting Card For His Birthday:

It would be a nice surprise for him. After all, we all tend to like the people who show great attention to special events in our life. The gift for his birthday doesn’t have to be pricy or fancy, what counts is the sweet gesture that you have remembered his birthday. If you want to be discreet, you can send him a web email greeting card. He will like it as well.

Knowing how to make him want you back, and planning carefully each of the above steps will foster your chances to get him back. Do not risk throwing away your chances by not knowing what to do and say when the right time comes to reunite with him again.

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