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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous - Proceed With Caution
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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous  -  Proceed With Caution

If you want to find out how to make your ex boyfriend jealous then you have to be aware of a few things before you proceed. Making your ex boyfriend jealous is a very powerful and effective tool if used correctly, but you don't want to get it wrong.

Use Jealousy Appropriately

If you are thinking that jealousy is the only way to get your ex back, you are wrong. You don't want your ex hating you after all the heartbreak that you have already gone through. Many a time, this is what happens when most people who have broken up do things in a huff (they will be emotionally clouded soon after) without giving it any thought. If you do not want to lose out in this game, you should give some careful thought about this whole issue. Some questions that you need to answer before taking a step in this direction are:

1) Why do you want to use jealousy in the first place?

2) If you love your ex as much as before, are you willing to put them through this grueling test?

3) Are you sure you can see this through without losing their trust and friendship?

If your answer is not in the affirmative for any of these questions, it is better that you have a rethink. Wrong results can leave behind a basketful of regrets.

Now that you have been cautioned, jealousy can be used in the right measure to make your ex want you back again. Now, there is a lot of subtlety that is required in handling it right. If you are capable of using it only to the extent that is required and without any malice whatsoever, jealousy can be the best tool ever. Listed below are a few tips on how to get it right.

Be Subtle Not Obvious

If you want your ex to come back and chase you, the first lesson is to be subdued and in control of yourself. Being exceedingly loud with your actions in trying to get your ex jealous, as you will understand, does not help in mending the situation at all. Your attempt at using mind games on your partner will be all too obvious and your ex is surely not going to appreciate that. The silliest thing that you can do is flaunt new partners in the presence of your ex; it is definitely harsh and not fair on the new person who is just being used!

Why Do You Want to Make Your Ex Jealous in the First Place?

Be clear about the reason why you want to make him jealous in an attempt to get him back. Are you planning to take it out on your ex for what they did to you? You are not to blame, for it is natural to resort to such an action. However, this calls for a lot of deliberation and careful action so as not to ruin any chance that you have of getting back together. Any untoward and immature step that is taken can have disastrous results with regard to the trust and respect that your ex has for you.

Give Your Ex the Feeling That You Are Seeing Someone Else

Act in a manner that leaves your ex wondering whether you are seeing someone else. Do not lie under any circumstance or do not try to be explicit about it. In case you are holding a conversation with you ex, cut it short saying that you have plans to go somewhere. This will send the mind of your ex racing and they will be conjuring many a scenario in their minds. If you merely mention the name of a new film, your ex will wonder who was with you at the cinema hall. The subtle mention of a restaurant's name, perhaps praising the good food that you had last weekend and the romantic ambience, would send your ex's mind into overdrive thinking you went there on a date.

Spice Up Your Social Life

Another method of making an ex boyfriend jealous is to give your ex the feel that your current single status is liberating and allowing you to do a lot of new fun things that you have always wanted to do. They will be jealous that you are making the most out of life while they are missing you all the while. While they really want to be part of all the fun that you are having, they would have to sit on the benches and watch you play. When your whole life seems to have turned positive for you and you are your old exuberant self, your partner would want you as a mate and you will become more attractive to them. Humans are always attracted to the people they respect, so do not lose respect at any cost. Dignity and proper behavior on your part helps!

All these actions will surely prompt your ex to think differently and you will be able to perceive some definite difference in the way your ex interacts with you. They will want to know more about what is happening in your life and they will ask you questions that tell you they care about you. Be open to having a pleasant conversation with your ex any time. If they make an effort to chase you whenever they get chance, you can almost be sure of getting him back into your life soon enough.

Your Next Steps

Be reminded that this is not the only singular tactic that you are going to use to get back your ex boyfriend. You can use a number of additional techniques that will make him miss you and pull him back. It is amazing to see how the right plan of action brings about a massive change in how your ex feels about you. Get started at the earliest and reap the rewards.

Are you making any of these harmful break up mistakes? Try to avoid them if at all possible, if you don't he will only see you as a mad lunatic and want to avoid you altogether.

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