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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You And Want You Back - Apply These Tips As Fast As Possible
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How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You And Want You Back  -  Apply These Tips As Fast As Possible

You and your ex are spending some time apart, and you want to make absolutely certain he's going to miss you. You might be tempted to check his Facebook or Twitter to see out what he's up to, or repeatedly call or text him to figure out what he's thinking.

While that might get you the information you want, odds are you'll be disappointed... If you want to know how to make your ex boyfriend miss you and want you back, you need to try these proven tricks:

Trick #1. Stay out of contact for a bit.

If he knows you're trying to keep tabs on him, it isn't going to rekindle his interest in you. If anything, it'll do the opposite. How can he miss you if you're always around in some form or another?

It's human nature for men to want what they can't have. By putting yourself out of reach for a bit, you'll have made yourself all but irresistible to your ex, and you'll be able to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

Trick #2. Don't bug his friends.

You might think that your mutual friends are a great way to get information on your ex, but don't forget- they're his friends, too.

Anything you ask or tell them is likely to get back to him, so be very careful what kind of contact you have with them. What seems like a good source for information could end up as something that makes you look like a creeper, and will guarantee that he won't miss you.

Trick #3. Have fun.

When you're not with your ex, do what makes you happy, with the kind of people who make you happy. This will help in two ways-- you won't be thinking about your ex if you're out having a good time, and he'll be dying to know what you're up to in his absence. If you're out having a blast without him, he'll miss you.

Trick #4. Keep conversations with your ex light.

Nobody wants to talk to or be around someone who's a constant downer. When you talk to your ex, keep things fun and enjoyable. He'll like talking to you, and he'll miss you when you're not available.

Trick #5. Keep him guessing.

Once the breakup happens, move on and don't bring it up again. He'll wonder why you're not acting the way he's expecting you to, and will rack his brain trying to figure out why. You'll be in his head even when you're not around, and you'll make your ex-boyfriend miss you.

Knowing how to make your ex-boyfriend miss you and want you back isn't difficult, but it can be hard to keep these tricks in mind when you're going through the emotional stresses of a breakup. As long as you remember and follow the advice here, your ex won't have any choice but to miss you and wish he was back with you.

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