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How To Make Your Ex Want You Back – Some Essential Tips To Follow
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How to Make Your Ex Want You Back – Some Essential Tips to Follow

Are you feeling depressed and thinking of ways on how to make your ex want you back? You know he is the only guy for you and you are prepared to do anything to get him back, but right now things might look absolutely hopeless, but not too worry! It may seem almost impossible right now- even more so – if he has shut you out completely! But believe me you can make him want you back.

The most important thing to keep in mind while trying to get your ex back is to think from his shoes! It may be comforting to talk to your girlfriends and listening to their advice but think twice before you act on them. You may have been given many ideas and plans to get ex back, but always remember – guys don’t think like us and unless you put yourself in his place, you’ll find it a daunting and uphill climb which will obstruct in your progress to get your ex boyfriend back.

The secret to success is to understand that deep down, every man wants to be pampered, possessed and made to generally feel good, which is really due to their ego. Once you realize this, and follow a different leverage and perspective of a man’s ego, you’d have won half the battle and will start achieving real progress to get your ex back. The first of them would be to have as little contact with them as possible for at least a month immediately following the break up.

There should be no text messages, no phone calls and absolutely no hanging around in corners where you know he frequents! Unless you are to meet each other in unavoidable circumstances, there should be no contacts, if you are really trying to get your ex back!.

The simple reason for this is the explained by that old proverb about absence making the heart grow fonder! This is what you have to keep in mind to understand why this is so important and essential in the plan to get your ex back! If he feels that you are longing to get him back, he will never start missing you and it is here that the second part of the plan unfolds – have a complete makeover, look your best and have the time of your life! Splurge on new clothes, new shoes, new hair, etc – whatever it takes to look stunning!.

Once this is done, “paint the town red” with your friends and pretend that you are having the time of your life, though you know that you are still hurting badly from the breakup and you are forced to do whatever it takes to get your ex boyfriend back! You are sure to get the attention from some of the single guys around which is just fine! You don’t have to make your ex jealous by dating them just look happy with all the attention you are getting. All this is sure to make your ex also notice you and be assured that you will always be in his mind and it will be just a matter of time for him to come back to you or at least, open him up to be approached when the month of no contacts is up.

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