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How To Stop A Break Up From Happening
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Having a relationship involves a lot of hard work and consistency. If you feel there is something wrong in your relationship with your partner then stop for a couple of minutes and read this article right now. Here are some tips on how to stop a break up from happening.

Today, you feel like there is something wrong. Perhaps, you already know what is it that is causing you to feel this way and you know what is coming your way, don't you? If you do, then most likely you already know the reasons why this is happening in your relationship either you accept it or not. There are a few things you can do to stop a break up in your relationship.

1. Step outside the box and look at your current relationship with him or her. What do you see? Take a neutral, honest look and figure out what is it that is bothering your partner. If you know your relationship is in the brink of a break up, then be honest to yourself and point out the truth.

2. Take the initiative and ask of a time to talk. If he or she has not mentioned a break up yet, then invite him or her to chat calmly. Start your conversation with something sweet, put yourself in the position of a listener and LISTEN to what she has to say. Do not interrupt her, do not jump into an argument because she said something you think is wrong. Remember that you are just listening to be able to comprehend better what is going on in her mind. You are trying to understand her feelings. There is not a right or wrong answer about feelings. You are just listening.

3. Take time to think. Take a couple of days to think about her feelings and yours. Having a clear mind will help you find the right way of approaching the situation. You already know what you need to fix in order to save your relationship and avoid a break up. Now, you need to take subtle action to get your relationship to be a happy one all over again.

4. Don't fix what is not broken. The love is there, I know it because you are still reading this article which means you really want to avoid that break up and keep your lover happy in the relationship. Show her or him your love, you know that you need to work on things for yourself, not for nobody else, not even for boyfriend or girlfriend. Doing things for your own good makes you more attractive to the rest of the world, and; keeping your partner happy is a bonus plus.

And that is how to stop a breakup from happening.

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