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How To Survive A Break Up Without Breaking Down – My Story
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My old ex and started talking about getting back together to discuss a few things. One of which is to explore a friendship again. Now, I’m a pretty easy going guy. I don’t let the past get to me. So I decided, “sure. Let’s go out to a dinner and a movie!” My ex said “that’s great! I’ll meet you there.”

And so we met. We had dinner first and had a few cocktails to ease the tension. There really wasn’t any tension to begin with. The break up was a long time ago and we have both moved on, quite successfully actually. We were both dating other people. But then, something amazing happened.

My ex began to talk about the past and was feeling a little emotional. Which is fine. I expected that. So I told my ex, “everything played out according to how we acted. And I’m glad it did because you’re so much happier dating. The last thing I ever want to do is be the person to hold you back from your dreams.”

My ex responded with, “that all doesn’t matter anyway. I am having a lot of fun. But I feel there’s not depth. Not like what I had with you. I guess I’m searching for something deeper than just superficial ‘hello’s,’ ‘your sexy’s,’ and ‘call me’s.’”

I immediately had to interject and say that it was both of our faults for making each other not feel like they’re worth it. The truth is, by this point I was afraid that my ex would break down and cry in front of all of the people at the restaurant. So I quickly shifted the conversation to the movie we’re seeing and how exciting that would be.

Remember when I said that we had a few cocktails? Well, here’s the kicker. We got to the move theater still feeling very buzzed. It was awesome, but what happened afterwards was not good. My ex began ranting and arguing with me all of a sudden. About absolute non-sense mind you. I decided not to go to that level and move the conversation outside without anyone interfering. I told my ex that it would be better if we save the conversation for when we’re both a little less intoxicated.

Nope. Not happening.

Instead, my ex began arguing again about how much of a bad person I’ve been. Honestly, I was not going to entertain this. I directed my ex to a cab and told the driver to drive my ex home. I took the train home wondering why the night went down so wrong. It was planned perfectly. Here’s the variable. My ex did not survive the break up. Instead, my ex allowed feelings of hatred and disgust develop inside. Then, suppressed those feelings and forgot about them. So guess what happened when the inhibitions were down? My ex remembered them and let them all out on me.

For some solid advice on how to survive a break up, here’s one simple rule. Do not let your hateful feelings take control of the situation. You’re better than that. You’re an adult. Release your anger in a positive way. Release to the universe. One way to do that is to write a letter. Write every bad thing you can on that paper. Fold it up and put it in an envelope. Mail it to yourself. Spend the 44 cents and mail the thing. Then when you’re more calm, read that letter to yourself… word for word.

How would you feel after reading something like that? This is a great tool to help you survive your break up. It’ll keep your emotions in check. The last thing you want is for someone to write a hateful letter like that to you. Reading your own words will give you a tremendous realization of how silly holding on to the past is. If someone doesn’t appreciate you, if someone doesn’t want you, then why beat yourself to a pulp about being wanted by someone who no longer loves you? Dust yourself off, and keep on walking… tall and proudly!

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