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I Want Her Back So Bad – How Do I Make It Happen?
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Your girlfriend has just walked out of your life. She says it's for good and all you can do is think "I want her back so bad!" Your mind cannot focus on anything other than the pain of being left and of facing another moment, much less the rest of your life, without her in it. She may not have been your every waking thought before she broke up with you but now that she's gone, she is dominating your every waking moment. How can you get your girlfriend back fast? That's ALL you want to know right now.

Unfortunately for you this is a time when fools rush in. You're not a fool by any means. That's why you're here. You want to know the right steps to take at a time like this so that you don't land yourself and your relationship in Splitsville for real this time around. You've had these knock down drag out fights before. She always comes back in a day or two and all is well for a few months. This time though, it feels different. There was something in her eyes that made your heart stop beating. You know that she's planning not to come back this time around and all you want to do is run up to her and convince her to change her mind.

Right now, despite the fact that this is the message your heart is sending loud and clear, that would be the worst move you can make. I know you want fast results. You're hurting and you want to make it stop now. But here's the thing. She's hurting too. You just have to give her the time and space she needs to sort out why she's hurting and if you're part of the problem or could perhaps be part of the solution. If you really want to get your ex back then you're going to have to give her room to sort this out and avoid pushing her away by rushing in to save the day.

This probably isn't the answer you were looking for. You want a quick solution to your pain and this feels like something that's going to take a long time. But this is a solution that will help you really win the day and get her back. That's what you want most after all – to have her back in your life.

So, sit back and watch the fireworks. Leave her completely alone. Don't drop what you're doing to come running when she calls. Don't give her the world on a string. Stay out of her life and let her see what life really is like without you in it. Let her come to understand just how much she relies on you for support, conversion, friendship, love, and affection. It won't take her long at all to miss you. That's when she'll come after you and you won't have to make another move to try to win your girlfriend back.

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