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I Want My Ex Back – Where Do I Get Started?
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Your relationship didn't turn out quite the way you had planned. In fact, you'd been looking down the road towards happily ever after when your plans took an unexpected and very unwelcomed detour.

In your mind you're going through every aspect of your relationship with a fine-toothed comb. You want to know where things stated going downhill. You want to know what you did wrong. All the while, your heart is breaking and all you can really think is: "I want my ex back – where do I get started?"

Start With a Long Look in the Mirror

The best place to begin getting your ex back is in the mirror. But, it needs to be a mirror like the Queen had in Snow White that only tells the truth. Unlike the Queen's mirror this one isn't going to tell you who the fairest in the land is. It's going to look deeper than the skin's surface and reveal a few important truths.

You see, right now you're self-confidence is pretty low. It may even be at an all-time low. Your personal truth-o-meter might not be operating at full capacity. You need to take a step back and look in the mirror with a critical but fair inner eye. Can you do that?

These are the Truths You Need Your Mirror to Reveal

  1. Could you have treated your ex better? Chances are that anyone in any relationship could answer yes to this question. But, you want to dig a little deeper and figure out HOW you could have treated your ex better. You need specifics. Could you have nagged less, complimented more, or simply been present in the relationship a little more often? Where could you have made a big difference in the way you treated your ex? Can you change now to get your ex back?
  2. Did you have a positive attitude? Oddly enough this is a question that isn't asked often enough. But positive attitudes matter a lot in relationships and not just when you're looking for a second chance. People LIKE being around others who have a happy attitude and a positive outlook for the future. Try on your inner sunshine for size and see what a difference it makes for you.
  3. Could changing your appearance make a bit of a difference in your relationship? Note how this is last on the list? But it does matter to some degree (but not in the way you think). You see, how you look, once again has an impact on your self-confidence. When you lack self-confidence you may come across as needy or insecure. These are traits that many people find unattractive. So, if there are improvements you could make that would help you feel better about yourself then you should make them so that when you do look in your own mirror of truth the reflection staring back at you is one that is filled with confidence and purpose.

It's great to make all these changes. But you want to know how this can help you get your ex back? Well you make these changes and then you apply solid and proven step by step instructions like these that have helped more than 50,000 other couples in 77 countries around the world get their relationships back on track. With proven success like this, maybe it can help you save your relationship too.

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