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I Work With My Ex Boyfriend - How To Handle It
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I Work With My Ex Boyfriend  -  How To Handle It

Although professionals advise not to become romantically involved with others in the workplace, I think it's something that happens to many of us. After all, we spend most of our time at work, and when we meet a guy there that we like, at least we know that he has a job. We probably all know at least one former couple who met at work, has since broken p and is having a difficult time dealing with it. I know several myself, but that didn't stop me from becoming involved with a co-worker last year. I told myself that our situation was different and that we'd beat the odds, but here we are, just two more people who have to report to the same office on a daily basis and who are uncomfortable in each other's presence.

Take the High Road

Working with an ex-boyfriend can be especially rough if you've still got feelings for him, especially if he's flirting around the office or at after-work socializing events. Although it can be difficult to hide your feelings, always be aware that taking the high road is always the classy way. For instance, many women insist that their exes find other employment, but in today's job market, that's neither fair nor realistic. Keep in mind that above all, your place of employment is a business environment and act accordingly. Some women are able to take advantage of this trying time by applying themselves even more at work, earning well-deserved raises and promotions as a result.

Accepting Reality and Moving On

Even though it's important to retain a professional demeanor at work, trying to ignore the fact that the two of you were once involved is unrealistic and can prolong emotional pain caused by the breakup. Acknowledging that you had a relationship with him is the first step at moving beyond it. By accepting that the romantic part of your relationship has most likely run it's course, you can make progressive toward being effective co-workers and perhaps even friends. It will also prevent troublesome speculation by other co-workers that can result in an overly dramatic work environment.

Keeping It Discreet

Although it's natural for those who work together to discuss some aspects of their personal lives with others, try to hang back a bit from this for the time being. Office gossip causes more career difficulties than almost any other factor. If you've begun to date other men, it's best to be circumspect about your social life, even though it can be tempting to let him know that you're over him by talking often about your new life. Conversely, don't encourage discussion with your ex about whether or not he has begun dating again. Save that sort of conversation for further down the line for a future time when you'll be able to see him as just another guy in the office and when his personal life doesn't have the power to cause you emotional pain.

Try To Clear the Air With Your Ex

If it's obvious to yourself and everyone around you that you and your ex are highly uncomfortable working in the same office since the breakup, it might be worth your time to try to clear the air with him. If the relationship ended with a particularly unpleasant argument, there may well be unfinished business between the two of you that can adversely effect work performance on both sides. Resentment may well creep into workplace dynamics in this instance, and you owe it to your career to attempt to put personal differences aside for the sake of the greater good.

It is not advisable to have this discussion with your ex while on company property, and neither should it take place during an after work round or two of cocktails. Suggest meeting up for coffee on neutral ground, and keep the discussion as businesslike as possible. Remember, his career could also suffer because of unresolved personal issues between the two of you, so it's in his best interests as well to come to an agreement of some sort concerning how to be effective co-workers in the aftermath of your failed relationship.

Let's Say You Want Him Back

No matter how your relationship ended, you wouldn't have gotten involved with this guy if he didn't possess some wonderful qualities. You may be thinking that the breakup was a mistake and wishing that you knew of a way to turn back time or a way to make him want you back. He may very well want you back but feels uncomfortable putting his emotions on the line. After all, he knows that if you reject him, he'll still have to see you at work on a daily basis.

Understanding the dynamics behind why men leave women they care for is a powerful tool for those desiring to get ex boyfriend back into their lives. Our website provides an in-depth exploration of the male psyche that women are are successful in love instinctively understand.

By learning time-proven techniques that women have used for centuries to entice the men they love back to their side, you'll soon have him chasing you again. Psychological tactics exist that men are hard-wired to respond to, but you've got to know how to use them effectively before they can work. Understanding how men think is essential to achieving a lasting relationship with the guy you most desire.

Some women seem to have been born with this knowledge, but that doesn't mean that it's out of reach for others. Like everything else in life, these secrets can be learned and perfected with practice. Every woman has the power deep inside herself to attract and hold the interest of the man she loves --it's just a matter of finding that power and understanding how to use it well.

Even if you and your ex simply aren't fated to be together, these techniques will help you attract someone better and make you a more desirable woman in any man's eyes.

Your Next Steps

There is so much more that you could be doing to get back your ex boyfriend. Actually, working with him outs you at a huge advantage and it can work in your favour. You can start the attraction game all over from scratch and soon make him take notice of you again. You have to do this properly though if you want it to be successful. You can attract your ex boyfriend back through subtle psychological techniques, leaving him powerless to resist you.

Another approach is to avoid making foolish mistakes post break up. Lots of women are guilty of these things and it can end up putting an even bigger strain on your working relationship. Learn how to behave and what not to say and do, it is crucial if you want to get him back again.

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