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Is My Boyfriend Thinking About Me?
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Is My Boyfriend Thinking About Me?

How can you know if your boyfriend is thinking about you? This is a question begging for an answer in the hearts of many women who, for one reason or another have broken up with their partners.

Knowing whether your boyfriend is thinking of you is important because it becomes the first step for both of you begin the process getting your boyfriend back.

Although you may be apart, what goes on in your partner's mind will eventually be reflected in his actions and this one way you can know if he's thinking of you.

There are signs to observe, followed by actions which can tell you if he's deeply engrossed in you. There is always a connection between you two which is triggered by feelings. Therefore, you are likely to feel the same on your part.

When your feelings for him continue to grow, it prompts you to action. In the same way, when his feelings for you continue to build up he will be geared for action. In this case, he can make a call, send a text or drop an e-mail.

These signs signalize that he has thought of you and has done passed some message to that effect.

Again, when he seeks information on your side, either through relatives or friends, it means he's thinking of you.

The concern he shows to find out whether you've been doing fine or not is an indication that you are etched in his heart. This can prompt him to call you over for coffee or lunch. Such opportunities are usually tell-tale signs that you are still close and given the chance, you can easily reunite.

So when you notice such chances showing up you should be prepared to make the next move, especially if you are committed to getting him back.

If you receive occasional gifts from him, it means he is thinking about you. He can surprise you with a flower, a box of chocolate or just any other gift that he deems fit for you as a special person to him.

All in all you should be able to interpret his feelings the right way and act accordingly on your part. For example when he pops in with a flower after some time of separation, what does this signify?

When he makes a call and simply says hi, what's he up to? When he sends you that heart warming text late in the evening before you sleep, what does he expect of you? All these questions and their answers should give you a guideline to know whether he's thinking of you or not.

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