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Lessons From 500 Days Of Summer
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This post will not be a typical movie review for the 500 Days of Summer movie. In case you haven't watched the movie yet just search it on major search engines: 500 Days of Summer Official Trailer. Not a typical movie review because this will focus on the lessons and impacts of the story on the real life world.

Let me have a quote by Tom from the 500 days of summer movie: Either she's an evil, emotionless, miserable human being, or... she's a robot. This one sentence here is pretty strong statement of distaste not only to summer but possibly to all of the girls with actions similar to Summer's behavior. Think of it this way, if Tom on that situation really have the feeling for Summer, why would he utter such ridiculous words? Her feelings for summer on that case would only be superficial and highly just on the surface feeling, nothing more nothing less.

Point here: If you value someone trully, whatever happens never ever utter derogatory words on her. Words are too powerful to generate bad karma.

The movie is a very good example for women empowerment and a straight uppercut message to the men's jaw was delivered on this movie. Why? because summer dump him, and summer did it with flying colors. A realization to all men that even girls can be capable of hurting us too.

Point here: Women are just like men, they are equal. So treatment should be equal.

You can even think of the whole message of the movie as this: Not only men can do miserable things on the opposite gender, women are highly capable of doing it, twice the damage. But to make the opposite genders clash would be a terrible idea, this could also be a realization to both genders that maybe there were impulsive actions that we do which we happily pursue not knowing what could be the damages given to those persons affected.

Point here: Both are capable of hurting each other, if you value your relationship be aware of your actions.

The film is a good eye opener to those still unaware of their actions, and if you are aware but just simply don't give a damn. Just look at it on the "karma" side. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.Every cruel action has a greater and opposite diabolical reaction.Who knows? ugghh, just be sensitive and critical. On the context of relationships. Men and Women must be aware that the relationship is a positive relationship, don't down rate it. Regard it highly and always remember that relationships are for all member's development, on a very positive and self enlightening and learning way.So value each relationship you have platonic or non-platonic

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