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Make Ex Jealous - Be Careful If You Want To Get Them Back
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Make Ex Jealous  -  Be Careful If You Want To Get Them Back

The human psyche is a tricky thing to master, but once basic principles are learned it's possible to learn what makes it such an effective tool to get what you want.

The Right Way to Use Jealousy

Using jealousy to manipulate your ex into taking you back can backfire. It's not a proven science, and everyone reacts to jealousy differently. Jealousy can be impossible to predict. If jealousy is not used with caution, it can cause the opposite effect - and make your ex start seeing you negatively. The last thing you want is for your ex to hate you. Acting erratically based solely on emotion can often have this effect. Before attempting to use jealousy to get your ex back, think it through. If you use it spitefully, it will only spell out disaster which can lead to regrets and shattered trust that is nearly impossible to repair.

Using jealousy cautiously and sparingly, however, can make your ex reconsider your breakup, and may make them want to consider getting back together. Jealousy can be a very effective tool, but only when used in small doses and without spite. Doing it right can produce incredible results.

Don't be Obvious

Subtlety is the key to using jealousy effectively. You want your ex to chase you, to pursue you and want to rekindle an old relationship, and jealousy can be an efficient way to reaching your goals. If you're too obvious, it will only push your ex farther away - they'll see what's happening from a mile away and not give your efforts a second chance. They'll see your attempt to get them back as childish or silly and they may resent the fact that you are trying to manipulate their emotions. Flaunting a new love interest in the presence of your ex will only make you appear immature, and no one is likely to fall for your blatant attempt. Your new partner won't appreciate being used as a tool, and your ex won't like the idea of the mind game you're trying to play.

Ask Yourself Why?

Why decide on jealousy? What makes you think that this is the best way to manipulate circumstances that often seem out of our control in order to achieve your goals? Are you trying to get even with your ex for causing you pain in the first place? While this may be a natural response to heartache, it won't help you get them back. No one can blame you for having an emotional response to a traumatic event, but if revenge is your aim; your chances of getting back together are very slim. Using jealousy for revenge often accomplishes nothing but ruining any trust still left between you - and that inevitably ruins any hope of rekindling your romance.

Foster Curiosity about your Love Life

Avoid being blatantly obvious or coming right out and telling your ex that you're involved with someone new. Curiosity is the driving force that makes jealousy such an effective tool when it comes to our emotions. Don't lie to your ex or tell them outright. Simply give them the idea and let their imagination take it where it would naturally go. If you're talking to your ex, consider ending the conversation by saying you already have plans. Their imagination will go into overdrive and think up all sorts of possibilities that may (or may not be) true. Casually mention a new movie to hit theaters. Mention that you saw it recently, and recommend it highly. They'll naturally start to wonder who you saw it with. If you bring up a new restaurant that you are going to try, their minds naturally consider the possibility that you have a date.

Keep Yourself Busy

One of the best ways to make your ex feel jealous is something that is good for you as well. You know all those activities and plans that you missed while you were together? Remember all those nights out with your girlfriends or that new hobby you wanted to try? Now is the perfect time to go for it. If your ex is starting to realize that they miss having you as a part of their life, they'll be jealous that you seem to be moving on with your life without them. They will want to be included in the fun, and will feel left out as they simply sit by and watch the good times that you're having. Keeping yourself busy while maintaining a positive attitude not only helps you to feel better after a breakup, but it will make you appear much more attractive to your ex.

By simply enacting these simple steps, you will quickly see an abrupt change in the way that your ex interacts with you. They will start to show a lot more interest in your life and your day to day activities. They may start asking you questions about your plans, or trying to come up with a way to get together with you. If they start asking probing questions, it's a sure sign that they still care about you, and are interested in what you're up to.

Make yourself available to talk with them and keep your options open. If you shut them out completely, they may see you as a lost cause. You've obviously moved on, and you're happy with your life, so they will feel inclined to do the same. By keeping the lines of communication open while still employing these strategies, it's possible that the entire breakup can be reversed. As they start to pay more attention and make more of an effort, it's possible that the chase is on - and you will probably find yourself back together sooner than you think.

Your Next Step

This is simply one of many strategies that can be effective when trying to get back your ex. Other tips and tricks can ensure that your ex is missing you, or to increase their desire and curiosity. These all put you on the right track and can be instrumental in getting back together eventually. Understanding what makes your ex tick and using those strategies to your advantage are the keys to getting what you want and to giving a broken relationship another chance.

You should be on the look out for signs ex is over you first though. There is no need to humiliate yourself in front of them if they do not feel the same way. Arm yourself with the info before you even attempt to win back your ex. Another trick at your disposal is to use Facebook as jealousy tool. This is not the only thing Facebook is useful for though, you can make your ex desire you again and encourage them to get back in contact with you.

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