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Mixed Signals From Ex Boyfriends
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When and ex boyfriend sends you mixed signals, it often leaves you confused.  You may think he wants me back often.  It causes you to analyze and you are left guessing.  Sometimes though they really aren't meaning to send mixed signals.  We just refuse to see what these signals really mean.  It's the hope we have, the not letting go that causes us to sometimes misinterpet these signals.  Let me give you some examples.

One woman asked me this question.  She said my ex still texts with me, does this mean he wants me back.  She was actually doing the initiating most of the time.  He would reply.  This is not a mixed signal.  It does not mean he is thinking of reconcilliation.  What he is likely thinking is what is the best way to not upset her.  He doesn't want to upset you further because he fears drama or you going into a feelings conversation or asking him a million questions that he just doesn't want to answer.  If he replies rudely, you are upset, if he doesn't reply, you are upset.  Lesser of 4 evils or either he wants to keep you as an option.

If he is still having sex with you. If he calls you up with that missing you line and asks you over then after it's all said and done you are still broken up, you may feel like this is a mixed signal from your ex boyfriend.  You may think he was so wonderful and it seemed so great, how can he just cut it on and off.  You feel confused and this appears to be a mixed signal.  It's not.  If you are going to allow him to have his cake and eat it too, why would he refuse?  If you want your ex boyfriend back, don't let this happen.  Ex boyfriends get lonely too. 

To be to the point here sometimes the nicer they are to you, the less your chances are at getting your ex boyfriend back.  If he reacts in anger towards you in time your chances may be better.  If he is angry understand anger is an emotion out of passion.  Him being nice shows no passion and should not be taken as a mixed signal or a sign that your ex boyfriend wants you back.  He could be simply avoiding drama or keeping you as an option.  If you want your ex boyfriend back stop guessing and put a plan in action. 

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