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My Ex And I Dont Communicate - What Do I Do?
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A friend of mine and I were discussing why people don't write letters anymore. I told him that people do write letters, but because technology makes our lives so much easier, no one hand writes anything anymore. To be honest, no one writes anything anymore because we're all way to busy. I mean, even I don't write out anything anymore. But he did bring up a valid point. Since no one writes anymore, wouldn't it have more meaning?

Absolutely! I tested his theory out and I wrote a simple "I Love You," with a little heart symbol in the letter to my significant other. My partner got the letter and told me how it meant the world to them and that they loved me so much more because I took the time to show them that I cared. I wrote another letter to my mother. She was having a pretty rough day when she got the letter. She told that when she opened it up, she felt so amazing and whatever was bothering her during the day was gone.

Words are such a powerful thing. The problem is, they are too powerful. That's why so many people have trouble talking with one another. Just the other day I heard a couple arguing about how the other doesn't listen to what they have to say. This is a real epidemic. No one takes the time to listen anymore. So instead, write a letter.

Writing a letter is so completely left-field that it will shock your ex. You could've sent an email. Heck, you could've sent a text. But yet, you sent a hand-written letter. This is so incredibly heart-warming and touching. When your ex gets your letter, they'll think, "wow... you're something else..." and read the whole thing. I mean, who wouldn't? No one writes anymore and we're all afraid to check our mailboxes because of the bills we know are in there.

Ask yourself, "if I were walking to the mailbox and found a hand-written letter, how would I feel?" I know exactly how I would feel, AMAZING! It would mean so much to me that someone took the time to write me a letter. That's awesome. I read it, and it makes my day. Of course, if you're writing to your ex, you should keep an open mind. If you've just broken up and you want to get your ex back you'll have to take the time to really concentrate on what you want to say.

This is a wonderful technique that will give you the chance to really express your heart, body, and soul. Every word you write will be important. Every word will be read, and this is what you want. Sometimes when we speak to someone, we get emotional and we let our emotions get the best of us.

Also, keep in mind that even if your ex decides to read your letter, don't expect a response at all. If you do, you'll be setting yourself up for tremendous heartbreak. Remember, writing to your ex is just a way to get your feelings out onto paper and releasing some of the pent up energy you have. Don't use this tool if you're looking for an answer. The purpose of this is to make YOU feel better.

By writing a heart felt, sweet letter, you'll be able to project your energy on to paper and send it out to the universe. This is a great exercise to help you relieve stress and to relieve you of your sad feelings. Just make sure you don't curse your ex out in the hand-written letter. You might get a nasty hand-written response, haha!

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