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Should I Be Friends With My Ex Boyfriend
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Should I Be Friends With My Ex Boyfriend

Have you tried everything to melt the heart of your ex boyfriend? Do you still love him so much, but he doesn’t feel much for you? If so then read this article.

Now the problem is he wants to be friend with you, but you still love him. Now you are wondering at the question, “Should I be friend with my ex boyfriend?”

My humble opinion is you should not be friend with him. I know that it is quite difficult to accept this suggestion, but believe me you have to handle the heartbreak every day if you stay friends with your ex boyfriend.

You must have a deep understanding why he wants to be friends with you and why you should not be friends with him.

Why does he want to be friends with you?

The most obvious answer is that he has another woman in his life. Probably, he likes her more than you. If he wants to stay friends with you, he will probably want to date with someone else. You can’t do anything when he flirts with other women or hang out with them.

Why do you want to be friends with him?

I am pretty sure that you want to be friends with him because you think that you can win him back by staying his friend. You still love him, and it is the last option for you to win him back. You think that you can bring the spark back by playing the role of his friend.

You want to be his friend because you want to make him your lover again. However, you can’t make him your lover again by being his friend.

Why should you not be friends with your ex boyfriend?

What would you feel when he talks about his current girlfriend? I know that it is hard to forget him but it is not as hard as being his friend and watching him dating with someone else.

How would you feel when he sleeps with someone else? You can’t do anything in these situations because you would be just his friend.

You would always be under controlled if you stay friends with him. Being his friend is the worst thing you could do to get him back. He can flirt with you as much as he wants. On the other hand, he can flirt with other women, too.

He would have no responsibility to stay faithful to you. However, he would get all benefits from you and your relationship.

What is the best option to get him at this situation?

If he wants to be friends with you, it means that his heart still beats a little bit for you. He does not completely get over the relationship.

Now you need a strategic plan to nurse and cook the thought in his mind that you are ‘the one special’ girl of his life. This is the only way to get your ex guy back after a bad break up.

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