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Should I Trust My Ex Girlfriends Sudden Change Of Heart?
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Your girlfriend dumped you and now she wants a second chance. Should youI trust her sudden change of heart or should you stand up for yourself and guard your heart against her? You still love her very much. There isn't a day that goes by that you don't think about her and wish you were together again. But, you don't want to go through that kind of hurt again if she's just playing games. How can you tell she means it and isn't just looking for another way to hurt you?

It's good to be skeptical – to a degree – when you've already been burned by someone you love. To get your answers about trusting her for a second chance together you need to look back and think about the type of person your ex girlfriend really is. Is she a good person at heart who generally puts the needs of others first? That doesn't sound like someone who is out to hurt you all over again. It doesn't guarantee that she won't or even that she isn't trying but the odds are good that any future pain she causes would be unintentional. The big decision you face at a time like this is whether or not you believe the reward of getting your ex back is worth the risk of losing her and hurting all over again.

If she isn't the kind-hearted person who would never intentionally hurt you the larger question remains of why you'd want her back in the first place. It sounds like she's not the kind of girl who would be good for you or to you. This isn't the kind of girl you want to walk across the street for. You certainly don't want to go to any effort to get your ex back if she isn't going to treat you well. There is no satisfaction or resolution that will come from that.

I'm afraid the bottom line isn't going to help you much. You know better than anyone if your girlfriend is worth the risk of a second chance. You know how she treated you when she broke up with you. You know how she treated you when you were together. You know, better than anyone else, how much joy and happiness she brings into your life and how much grief she brings as well.

There are no perfect relationships but if yours was a relationship that had plenty of happy moments and good times to look back on then it is a relationship that's worth saving. Giving your girlfriend a second chance at love in this case seems like a wise choice to make.

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