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Signs That My Husband Is Having An Affair - 3 Keys To Watch For
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Has your husband seemed withdrawn or secretive lately?  You may be looking for specific signs that your husband is having an affair.  Certain behaviors do indicate cheating in a marriage, so here are some things you should keep an eye out for.

1. Emotional distance

If he seems more distant than usual, in terms of how he talks to you and what he shares, it may be a sign of cheating.  Men tend to keep their emotions hidden for the most part, but each relationship is different.

If you remember that once he opened up to you freely about his emotions, and he suddenly doesn't, you know something's going on that needs to be addressed.

Don't be afraid to question him if you feel he's becoming emotionally distant.

2. Spending a lot of time with someone else, or at a new location

Has your husband suddenly developed an interest in a new place or person?  While this is often normal and healthy, and your husband may simply be trying to expand his horizons or grow as a person, sometimes it can be an indication of cheating.

Ask your husband about his activities if you suspect him of cheating.  Especially if he's started spending time with another woman, you deserve to know what's going on. 

He should never be secretive about his comings and goings; he should be filling you in on who he's spending time with, and developing a sudden attachment to another woman is definitely not okay if he's not being up front about it.

3. Seems to value you less

If your husband's suddenly started taking you for granted or nagging you a lot, this can also be a sign of cheating.  Watch out for things like:

1. Asking you for favors without any reciprocation

2. Not expressing appreciation for what you do for him

3. Seemingly nagging you, taking you for granted

This is definitely not okay, if your husband starts exhibiting such behaviors.  You have a right to be valued and appreciated in your marriage, so if your husband is no longer doing that, it may be a sign he's having an affair.

Keep an eye on your husband's activities and ask him about what's going on if you feel left in teh dark.  While it's not necessarily a great idea to spy on him, you should know what's going on.  If he won't be up front with you, you may have to investigate or watch what he's doing a little more closely.

Ultimately however, the best way to figure out what's going on with your husband, when you suspect he is cheating, is to ask him.  If he doesn't tell the truth, or you know he's been seeing someone else because you've found evidence, this signals a larger problem in your marriage.  

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