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Take Note Of This If You Want To Get Over Your Breakup
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Take Note Of This If You Want to Get Over Your Breakup

A lot relationships would saved from breaking up if just one of the two persons involved would look for an encounter, or to give some explanation, but that situation never happened. It is such a pity to witness how so many marriages and long lasting relationships got broken forever just because no one tried to make that situation up, so it is important to understand why each one of the involved persons avoided to fix the situation. Maybe this is exactly your problem but you don't know it.

Sometimes a person who is suffering from having a breakup with someone, gives up on is efforts to save their relationship because he/she heard that his counterpart said to someone she/he hates him. The word "hate" has by itself so very much negative connotations that a lot of people have lost all their hopes of fixing their break up just because they hear it from their ex mate.

It is so very easy to forget about trying to fix our relationship just because we felt the situation hopeless due to this word, so that we forget this not so easy to understand principle: LOVE and HATE are not opposites. Not just because our ex said to somebody (or maybe they tell it to us in person) that they hate us, it means that our situation is hopeless. Indeed it is a good sign that should give us enough hope to try to fix our breakup. The more that person says they hate us, the more possible is to get them back in our lives. Does this seem hard to believe? Let me explain the subject a little more.

Hate is not necessarily the opposite to love. In fact it is not their opposite anyway. The opposite to love is INDIFFERENCE. Just complete, utter indifference is the real opposite to love. This is a so very misunderstood though universal principle that have caused so much pain, divorces and breakups for life than any other one.

If we want to fix our break up we must consider the wise saying: “The line between love and hate is a thin one”, and use it to reconsider one more time our situation. It is as easy as this: if the other person said that they hate us, it is easier to gain them back in our lives than if the same person doesn’t say anything at all.

If the other person is living their life without any interest on us at all, then it should be a wiser decision to forget about fixing the trouble, but if they are constantly telling others about their hate for us… we could feel very sure that it is the moment, and maybe it was from a long time, to try to fix our relationship. But the situation is delicate, and it is important to use some proven method to get an advantage out of it. We cannot fix it just showing up in front of that person and saying “hi”, but now we know that there is some way to fix it.

In short, in a situation like that, if we know how methods to use it is easier to reunite than a case where there is no emotion involved whatsoever. The only one case in which there are few chances to fix it, is when there is complete indifference. Remember this, if you take some time to study your specific case and found there is some reaction from the other part, it doesn’t matter if it is apparently a bad one, there is still some way to get over your breakup!

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