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The Ex Girlfriend And You: Her New Mate
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Regretfully, the context for "mate" isn't Aussie slang for "friend" in this case. After tirelessly going through a wide array of guys like clothes on a rack at a nearby clothing store, your ex finally found one to her liking. They dated a few times prior to bestowing the title "Boyfriend and Girlfriend."

They're 2-3 months in the relationship. Similarly to how a majority of relationships get kick-started, everything's glorious and peachy between your ex and "him."

Meanwhile, you're either single or in a relationship as well. Both not being partnered off and having a girlfriend can both be consequential, as far as the concept of your ex getting involved with another man goes.

If you're in category A (single), then this paragraph's dedicated to you.

Upon hearing the news from a friend (shockingly your ex if she does you the courtesy of checking up on you randomly) or relative that your ex is with a newfound guy, you may instantly feel awkwardly stressed.

Your mind may be sparked in a sense where it'll recall the past you had with her. This is fine. The unwanted effect the news had on you will expire in due time. The more you exert your mind on other things (preferably a hobby or communicating with friends and family), the sooner it'll be at ease again.

If you're in category B (not single), then you may not have to go through as many hardships. However, things can still be uneasy for you.

Picture a scenario where you and your girlfriend are strolling along the the streets of the downtown area.

Both of you are neglecting the surroundings, talking amongst yourselves as you two scope for a place to have dinner.

A mysterious woman, whose one arm is interlocked with a man's arm, accidentally bumps into you. Her head turns swiftly towards yours and apologizes. Soon after, you two recognize each other easily.

You're now stuck in a crossroad of extending an invitation to her and the new boyfriend for partaking in dinner, or not. One way or another, you and your ex update each other on how both of your lives are and whatnot.

Assuming that this encounter with your ex is short-lived (due to your dinner invitation being declined), there's the possibility of your ex contacting you to catch up further. You may be inclined to respond to her. If you are following the no contact rule, this is not advisable.

If you do, then you may be in the same boat as victim A; recalling the times you spend with your ex. Tis' all kosher, because you assumably have an attractive gal. Overall, tread softly and be attentive to your own life. Try not to make the most common errors guys make after a breakup with their woman.

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