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The No Contact Rule - Believe Me, It Works!
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The No Contact Rule  -  Believe Me, It Works!

Have you just been dumped by your girlfriend without even being given an explanation? Have you been at the ditched end of a relationship you cherished more than anything else? If your answer is in the affirmative, you need not worry. Just adopt the No Contact Rule.

What is the No Contact Rule?

If you want to come out of your broken relationship unscathed, then the best way is to sever all ties with your girlfriend. You need to adopt the No Contact Rule in totality. By this, I mean, absolutely no communication in any form, be it SMS, e mails, calls or meetings. Just keep yourself away from her close friends too, who can try to pull you back into old memories and more heart ache.

Once you know that your girlfriend has shrugged you off, there is no point in running after her. If you meet her at a common friend's place, out of courtesy she may indulge in light banter. While this will not affect her in any way, it will definitely rake up old memories for you and you may take longer to return to normalcy.

Self Respect is the Key

There may be occasions when your girlfriend may feel guilty and try to apologize in some way or the other. This does not mean she is coming back to you in any way.

She is actually being selfish and wearing her guilt off. This can take a toll on your emotions and like a fool you may even start thinking she wants to give your relationship another go. She may feel guilty now, but there is a bigger problem in your relationship than her guilt: it's that you don't know how to firmly set boundaries with her, and demand that she respect you.

But, this is not true. You need to have some self respect and be firm about not giving an inch. There is no reason why you should lose your morale and think you are not up to the mark. It is simply that the vibes were not right. Do not give any scope for communication and stick to the No Contact Rule.

Time to Move On

Time is a great healer in difficult times. In course of time, you will forget and get someone else much better and someone who understands you and accepts you unconditionally. If you have been ditched, it's time to move on and start afresh.

Living in the past and crying over spilt milk will only add salt over your wounded heart and you may end up in depression. If you have no contact with your ex, then, gradually, all your memories with your girlfriend will fade away. The No Contact Rule will help you come back to the present instead of you living in the past.

So, just pull up your socks, brush off the whole episode as a bad dream and just move ahead in life. Better times are waiting in the wings. You only need to look around with a positive mind and you will see only bright colors everywhere. That is why; they say that the "No Contact Rule" is the best way to come out of a jilted relationship.

Now, this is not to say that you can never get your ex girlfriend back. Reconnection is possible, provided you've stuck to the no contact rule long enough, and worked on your self-respect.

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